I know how much you all love play dough counting mats, so I have a new set for you (and three more coming out in the next week!). These free pirate play dough mats for numbers 1-10 are an excellent way to practice numeracy with your preschoolers and kindergarteners. With numerals, number words, ten-frame and a counting space, there are lots of ways to differentiate for all of your learners. They are great for your little ones to use while your ‘big’ kids are playing the pirate rounding game I shared a couple weeks ago.

pirate number counting play dough mats for 1 to 10

Materials needed for the Free Pirate Play Dough Mats for Numbers 1-10:


Laminating Pouches

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Play Dough

‘Gold’ Nuggets or small coins

These free pirate play dough mats are amazing! They combine numbers, words, counting and ten-frames! So versatile.

To prep: Print and laminate the pirate play dough mats.

To use: We used our gold nuggets to count out the number in our treasure chest and then again in the ten-frames at the bottom of the mat.

You can spell out the number word with your child and/or have them trace the letters with their finger.

Then create the numeral with play dough, trace with their fingers or a dry erase crayon.

There are so many ways that you can use them!

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pirate number counting play dough mats for 1 to 10
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