Sometimes math gets a bad wrap. It can be a difficult concept for little learners. It is right or wrong, there is no room for interpretation. Regardless of it’s difficulty, it is an imperative skill for preschoolers to learn. This is why fun, hands on activities are so important.

Engaging math activities, like these Number Grid Counting Games, are a great way to encourage children, even those opposed to math, to learn and practice these important skills in a fun way!

Learning About Number Grid Games:



  • What does 10 objects look like?
  • Which has more; 5 or 8?
  • What pattern can I find in the number chart?
  • How high can I count on the chart?

Counting grids are a fabulous tool for preschool math. Not only do they make it easy to differentiate for your kids, but cover a wide variety of skills. Immediately children will strengthen 1:1 correspondence, counting as well as number recognition. Fine motor skills are also strengthened when manipulatives are used.

These great number activities can be used in small groups, one-on-one with a child, or independently in a math center.

Engaging Preschool Math Games

Button Counting Grids

Pair these Numbers 1-10 and 1-20 button counting grid games with some of our favorite button themed books like Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons and Corduroy.

Dragons & Tacos Counting Grid Games

This set of Dragon and Taco themed counting grids in English and Spanish is perfect for your preschool math centers.

dragon and tacos counting grids for taco mini erasers numbers 10, 20 and 100 Featured Image

In addition to learning about 1 to 10 counting grids, here are some more ideas for what you can teach about and include in your lesson plans:

  • Patterns
  • Skip counting
  • Odd and even numbers
  • Fine motor skills
Pizza mini eraser themed counting activity for preschool math centers. Count to 10 and count to 100 with pizza mini erasers

Pizza Counting Grid to 100, 20 and 10

These interactive counting games for preschool are perfect for using with the book Secret Pizza Party (Fiesta Secreta de Pizza). Use the printable number grids as kids learn to count slices of pizza for your ‘pizza party’!

Dinosaur Counting Grids

This set of Dinosaur themed counting grids are fun counting games for kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs. (Isn’t that every preschooler??)

dinosaur theme counting grid game for preschoolers

Why Is It Important For Kids To Practice Using Number Grids to 100?

Besides the fact that kids love hands-on activities, there are so many other reasons you should play interactive counting games with your child.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Children that are using number or counting grids practice fine motor skills by placing small objects on each square. This helps develop a pincher grip, which is used in correctly holding a pencil.

Adding and Subtracting

Another great math concept that children can practice using counting grids is computation, or addition and subtraction. Sometimes a visual helps when adding to or taking away from something.

One-to-One Correspondence

When kids place or touch an object and count one at a time, they are practicing one-to-one correspondence. This shows them a relationship between the amount of objects and the spoken numbers.


What a great way to show number patterns then with a number grid. Students can actually see the relationship between skip counting, odd and even numbers, and even numbers in the tens place.

Unicorn Counting Grid Games

These unicorn counting grids are fun math games to practice preschool counting skills, addition, subtractions and other early math concepts like one to one correspondence.

unicorn number counting grid games

How To Use These Fun Grid Games

How to Use the Activities

Using these number practice counting grids is super versatile and this easy to prep activity will provide hours of learning for your kids. Children will simply roll the dice, identify the number (or number of dots), count out that amount of manipulatives along the numbers of the grid.

You can use a regular die for the 1-10 counting grid, a larger multi-sided die (such as a 1-10 or two digit number dice like 1-20) with the 1-20 counting grids or use a double-die to work on multiplying, adding and subtracting with the counting grid to 100 printables.

Number Counting Grids

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