Ah, the summer slide! That brightly colored tube-shaped tower at the local park, right? Nope. I’m talking about the “other” summer slide. The one well-known by educators. It refers to learning loss that can (and does) occur during those off-school months.

Let’s prevent that with engaging summer lesson plans for preschoolers! Children’s counting books, emergent reader books, and this free summer printable for preschoolers will ensure your preschooler’s only sliding will occur down that delightful tube.

Preschool students practicing counting 1-10 with this summer-themed number book.

Recommended Grade Level:

Summer Theme Counting Book Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Stapler

Counting Activities for Preschoolers:

COUNTING 1 TO 10 ACTIVITIES with preschoolers


Counting fluency is important in the early years because it provides a solid foundation for future math instruction.

This summer preschool theme is a great way to end the school year or to send home as a summer activity.

I like to introduce a page or two each day during circle time. We count the items on the page, identify the numeral, and practice “reading” the sentence at the bottom of the page.

When children are familiar with the number book, I will put it at the math center for them to work on independently.

In addition to sharpening counting and math skills, this summer theme printable also helps students practice reading!

Children read, count, and color in the summer-themed number book.

What Can Preschoolers Learn From a Counting and Numbers Book?



There are a number of ways preschool teachers can make this summer counting book tactile.

  • Place mini erasers (or another manipulative) onto each picture while counting up to that number.
  • Use a crayon or marker to trace each numeral.
  • Color the pictures.
  • Separate the pages, mix them up, and challenge students to place them in the correct order.
Students will practice counting and reading simple sentences in the summer-themed emergent reader book.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Practice Counting?

Learning numbers 0 through 10 gives kids a solid math foundation. As skills become more complex, they can always fall back on familiar base-ten counting skills.

Develops Fine Motor Muscles

When children use small manipulatives to count, it strengthens their fine motor muscles necessary for so many things.

Provides Background Knowledge

Basic knowledge of numbers 0-10 gives children a basis for understanding things like phone numbers, house numbers, and price tags.

Improves Vocabulary

Learning to count and identify numbers opens up a whole new realm of math vocabulary, like less/more, greater/fewer, count up/back, etc.

Develops Number Sense

The more effortless early counting is, the better off students will be with future math skills. When students can easily count forwards and backward with little effort, they can focus on more advanced concepts with ease.

The summer-themed counting numbers book is the perfect addition to your summer lesson plans for preschool.

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How To Use The Preschool Summer Number Activity

COUNTING with preschoolers


First, just print the black and white activity.

Then, cut the pages in half.

Finally, staple the pages together to form a little booklet. Or don’t.

  • Work through the booklet page by page. On each page, students will count the object, identify the numeral, and read the sentence.
  • Place a manipulative onto each picture while counting. Or, make a slash mark/dot on each picture with a crayon.
  • Keep the book pages separated, giving one each day for ten days.
  • Laminate the pages and place them at the math center. Students can count objects onto them and use a dry erase marker to trace the numbers.

Other Ways To Use Summer Theme Counting Book:

Sequencing Cards

Mix up the pages of the book to challenge students to put them in order 1-10 or 10-1.

Use Ten Frames

Use a ten frame on the side for children to build each number on the ten frame as they complete each page.

Number Matching

Mix up the pages. Students can draw a page, identify the number, and match it with a dot card featuring the same number. The card with ten black dots would match the number 10 page.

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Preschool students will practice counting 1-10 in this fun summer-themed counting numbers book.
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