Are you teaching your preschoolers how to count from 1-10? One of the foundational math skills for preschool and pre-k kids is counting to ten. Providing lots of hands-on, engaging activities to build a great foundation for counting is the perfect step for their future math success. These free printable counting Number Mats for LEGO DUPLO blocks are the perfect for practicing counting in your preschool math centers and preschool math activities.

– Life Over C's Number mats for DUPLO mats. Count to 10 in your preschool math centers.

Recommended Grade Level:

Number Mats for Duplo Block Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Blocks
  • Duplo LEGO Blocks

Teach Preschoolers to Count with DUPLO Blocks

Using something preschoolers already love in learning activities, provides a great way to get kids engaged in learning.

Children will be interested in a learning activity that includes something they are already interested in, versus a plain, boring worksheet!

Yes, we use worksheets sometimes, but typically it is when we have already learned the skill and we need extra practice.

We have used DUPLO and LEGO to help teach STEM, strengthen fine motor skills, sorting, and other math skills.

If your kids love building with LEGO, this set of free printable preschool DUPLO activity and counting mats will be incredibly helpful in teaching your preschoolers to count from 1-10!

– Life Over C's Number mats 1-10 for LEGO DUPLO blocks.

Using Number Mats for DUPLO Blocks

Learning how to count from 1-10 is typically one of the first things that children learn when it comes to math. It is a crucial step!

Not only are these number mats perfect for building number recognition and one to one correspondence, this preschool LEGO math activity for preschool is also perfect for strengthening fine motor skills.

These skills are critical for eating, zipping a zipper, tying shoes, handwriting and so much more!

Why not make building fine motor skills extra fun by using DUPLO blocks in preschool?!?

– Life Over C's Number mats 1-10 for LEGO DUPLO blocks.

How To Prep The Counting Mats

Obviously, the first thing to do is print the mats. For young children, you can start with 1-3 or 1-5 and then work your way toward 1-10.

We don’t want to give a 3-year-old numbers that she isn’t ready for!

FYI: I am 200% addicted to laminating activities for kids.

It is definitely a far second to my coffee addiction, thanks to my youngest daughter being an insomniac… but, nonetheless, there is rarely a preschool activity that comes out of my printer that doesn’t get immediately sent through my laminator.

Obviously, this is optional, but I want to make sure activities for as long as possible and kids are rough on paper!

I have also used dry erase pockets and those work great in a pinch.

– Life Over C's Use DUPLO blocks for counting with these free printable LEGO DUPLO counting number mats for a preschool math activity

What DUPLO Block Should I Use for the number mats?

The LEGO Duplo My First Bricks set is perfect for this activity.

Actually, we have a huge collection of DUPLO sets, so it really doesn’t matter what set you choose.

Pro DUPLO tip: We got a LOT of our DUPLO bricks at yard sales, thrift stores and Marketplace.

– Life Over C's DUPLO Number counting mats 1-10 for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten

They look amazing and I know my littles will enjoy them so much!

Thank you! “

How To Play with the DUPLO Number Mats

I included DUPLO mats for numbers 1 through 10.

Each DUPLO counting mat shows the number and the correct number of individual blocks.

The DUPLO counting activity will help preschool and pre-k kids with number recognition and one to one correspondence.

– Life Over C's DUPLO Number mats 1-10 for LEGO DUPLO blocks.

Additional Ideas for the Free LEGO DUPLO Number Mats:

  • To provide more of a challenge and build fine motor skills, place DUPLO blocks in one big tray or bowl and ask child to pick out the color they need using only one hand.

Doing so, not only helps strengthen hand and finger muscles by focusing on one muscle grouping at a time, but provides a fun, new way to interact with the counting activity.

  • Have your preschooler sort the blocks used on each number mat by color, count how many of each color were used and then add the DUPLO blocks together to find out how many blocks were used in total.
  • To increase the building challenge, ask your preschoolers to create the picture with DUPLO blocks on the side of the fine motor mat, instead of on top of it.
  • Create a counting game in addition to the number mats. Use the LEGO bricks to build towers with the correct number of LEGO.

These are all great ideas to get boys and girls excited about counting in preschool.

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– Life Over C's Number mats for DUPLO mats. Count to 10 in your preschool math centers.
– Life Over C's Number mats for counting DUPLO blocks
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  1. Hello,

    is there a DUPLO alphabet done the same way as the numbers? Would really love to have it.

    Thank you for sharing all these amazing ideas and activities.

    Warm regards,


  2. Hi Kim!
    I really like your free duplo number mats and would love to be able to share them with my class while we are on quarantine. I would have loved to use these in my classroom, but since we are not allowed to have school right now, I have been searching for ways to keep them learning while they are at home. I respect your wishes that these not be shared by email but am asking for permission to do so due to the current circumstances? I would be happy to also provide them with the link to your site if they would want to share with anyone outside of our class. Thanks you for your time and consideration of this.

    1. During the school closures, I am allowing my resources to be sent directly to parents and students via e-mail or a secure online site that does not allow public access. I would also appreciate you sharing a link to the site. Thanks!

  3. I am OBSESSED with these already!! They are so wonderful. What are the chances of a DUPLO alphabet in the future? 🙂

      1. At this time I do not have an alphabet version because I haven’t been able to find clip art the matches the DUPLO blocks. I am working on it for the future.

  4. is the clear mat that is linked in your “materials” (to the amazon item) compatible with the Duplo blocks?
    I was a bit puzzled when I went to the amazon link and it said “standard” blocks.

    1. Yes, you can always use a ‘standard’ block mat with DUPLO blocks. They are designed to work together.