Spring is finally peeking through the winter blinds. It has been a long time coming, we had a really really really long, cold and snowy winter. It’s time to fill the world with sunshine, flowers, butterflies and baby animals again!
That is why when this Spring Stamp Letter Recognition Printable activity came to mind, I couldn’t wait to create it. I couldn’t wait to help encourage spring along!! It’s a great addition to our alphabet activities collection!

Alphabet recognition activity for spring literacy activities. Preschool letter identification spin & stamping activity.

Recommended Grade Level:

Spring Letter Recognition Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Paper Fastener
  • Paper Clips
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Ink Pad

Spring Stamp Letter Recognition Activity

Learning to recognize letters, both upper and lowercase, can be difficult for children. It is imperative, though, for future reading skills. It is just as important for children to learn beginning sounds. This is a gateway to learning sight words. Whether children have a difficult time or not, providing a fun and engaging activity is a wonderful way to help students learn. This Spring Spin and Stamp Letter Recognition activity is So.Much.Fun.

Not only does this activity feel like a game because of the spinner (which is super easy to set up), but the main source of letters is through stamps. Even adults love using stamps, because they are FUN!

The prep for this activity is so simple. The first thing I do is print out each letter mat. Even if I don’t plan to use every page that day, it is nice to have ready when I need an activity quickly. You can print on either traditional paper or cardstock.

Free spinner letter identification activity for preschool literacy centers. Free printable uppercase and lowercase letter activity.

To create a spinner, place a paper clip around the tip of the pencil as shown above.

Grab the uppercase and lowercase stamps and a great ink pad and let’s play.

Playing: With this game is just as simple as the prep. Kids can hold the pencil down and use their finger to flick the paperclip and it will spin. Then have the kids stamp the uppercase or lowercase letter that was spun. We love these kid-sized alphabet stamps because they are super easy for the kids to hold and see what they are stamping.

Use letter stamps with this fun spring letter recognition printable for preschool literacy centers. Spin the spinner and stamp the correct uppercase or lowercase letter

Alternate Ideas:

If your child is working on sight words, this would be an excellent canvas for practicing sight words. Instead of stamping a single letter, children can stamp a sight word that begins with the letter that is spun. Upper and lowercase letters can still be honored.

You can go through each activity page in alphabetical order or have the child choose until all of the letters have been completed.

Instead of choosing the letter from the printables, you could mix all the stamps up and have them choose one of the stamps.

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Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Spring Bunny Easter Theme
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