My kids have always loved playing with LEGO bricks. If you would like proof, just look for tiny pieces under their beds or hidden between couch cushions in the living room. These tiny building bricks are more than just an obstacle you don’t want to step on.

Are LEGO good for fine motor skills? Yes, yes they are!

Free printable Preschool Fall theme Fine Motor mats for LEGO

Everyone loved the Spring Fine Motor Mats and the Winter Fine Motor Mats so much that I just had to make a fall version. Fall is the best season of all, right? These fall fine motor mats for LEGO are a great way to work on fine motor skills and just have fun!

Learning About Fine Motor Skills:

fine motor activities for preschoolers


It is important for kids to participate in fine motor skill activities, like the LEGO S.T.E.M. activity, in order to strengthen motor development. Children will have better success with tying shoes, cutting paper, and zipping their coats when they practice their fine motor skills through activities.

Using LEGO bricks for letters, numbers, sight words or other activities means you’re helping children with mastering at least two skills. Can we get any better fine motor skills examples than these?! The Fall Fine Motor Mats for LEGO include a little bit of all of this. How amazing is that??

The fine motor development LEGO activity is perfect for a fall theme for preschool. The download includes fall images like:

Apple, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Acorn, Corn, Rake, Leaf, Tree, Mushroom and Basket.

The LEGO activity for kids can be used in a math center, at a LEGO activity table, in a small group, or for individuals.

In addition to practicing fine motor skills for preschoolers, here are more ideas to teach about using the LEGO template printable:

  • Sorting colors
  • Counting
  • Identifying more vs. less
  • Naming letters and letter sounds
  • Occupational therapy
  • Using large muscles and small muscles to create
Free printable fall fine motor mats for LEGO with a picture of a LEGO apple with beginning sounds and LEGO counting.

This is a great resource! “

My students love building with LEGO bricks and these mats help those that cannot think of what to build. In addition it allows my experienced builders to try out some new things. Thank you for creating such helpful activities!- Berit L.

Why Is It Important For Kids Use The LEGO Brick Template Printables?

Besides the fact that kids love fine motor toys, there are so many other reasons you should do the LEGO activity printable with your child.

I Know That Letter!

Each page highlights the uppercase version for the beginning letter of each word, as well as, listing the word. This is fantastic for letter recognition and beginning sounds.

This Color has More!

Our LEGO hands on activity has a section at the bottom to count how many bricks were used in each color. Children write the number and can determine which color is used the most.

I Can Count the Bricks!

Each page has a space for children to count the colors of bricks and record the answer on the correct line with a dry erase marker. This extends the activity and includes math into a fine motor activity.

I Can Write the Letter!

Children are given an opportunity to write or trace the large letter on the printable. Laminating the templates or using dry erase pockets allows the activities to be used over and over again.

Free printable fall fine motor mats for LEGO with a picture of a LEGO apple on a clear LEGO baseplate with beginning sounds and LEGO counting.
Sunflower fine motor mat for LEGO preschool fine motor activity

How To Use This LEGO Fall Theme Activity:

How to Use the Activity

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  • Print and laminate the activity for durability.

Using the LEGO printable:

We used a combination of several LEGO Classic sets. The colors that we use in this activity are: Brown, Dark and Light Blue, White, Red, Orange, Black, Yellow, and Grey.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a good chance that you will not have enough of some colors. (Especially the brown and orange bricks.) This is a GREAT opportunity to help your kids use flexible thinking and find out ways to create the pictures with different colors.

Children will place the LEGO bricks on the template, as well as identify and writing the first letter in the matching word.

LEGO Apple and LEGO sunflower on a clear brick baseplate with Fine motor fall for fall
LEGO sunflower on a clear baseplate with a free printable fall fine motor activity for preschoolers.

Sorting Tray

You can strengthen fine motor skills even more by putting the LEGO blocks in a big bowl or on a tray. I love to use the vegetable trays from Dollar Tree to sort the colors.

Give it a Squeeze

Ask children to search through and pick the color that they need using fine motor tweezers. This helps increase the challenge while also strengthening hand and finger muscles.

Total it Up

Ask the child to count the color of blocks then add up all of the numbers to see how many blocks were used in total

Use Your Hands

Instead of using a dry erase marker or crayon to trace the letter, ask the child to form the letter with play dough or Wikki Stix.

How About a Challenge

To increase the building challenge, ask the child to create the picture with LEGO  bricks beside othe fine motor mat, instead of on top of it.

Play a Game

Check out this awesome LEGO STEM challenge that your kiddos can use to build problem solving and cognitive skills. What a great engineering challenge!

Sorting tray with LEGO for fall fine motor mats

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Free printable fall theme LEGO mats for fine motor activity Featured Image
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