I don’t think there is a pizza that I’ve met that I didn’t like. Thin crust or deep dish, triangle cut or square, lots of toppings or just plain cheese. I love pizza. You can count on most kids liking pizza too, right?

Well, with the exception of my 12 year old daughter’s friend who announced very loudly last night (as we were having pizza) that she didn’t like it. #facepalm

So when I saw these mini erasers at Target, I just HAD to grab a few and had this free printable pizza counting grid activity for preschoolers in mind.

free pizza mini eraser counting grids for preschool math activity using pizza mini erasers to count to 10, count to 20 and use a hundred chart

I make learning activities and printables with all sorts of different themes, but the ones my kids like the most are themes that they already have an interest in. My daughter agreed that these pizza mini erasers are just too cute, so she was ready to do any and all activities with them!

These grid game counting activities are just the beginning!

Practice Counting With These Pizza Grid Games

This activity is one that can be used at any time of the year, which is super convenient, just like this Dragon Loves Tacos Counting Grids! It is fun to have seasonal and holiday themes, but it is really nice to have!!

Besides preparing activities for my daughters, I also help with the daycare at our church. That is a lot of activities. That’s why I can’t be happier that I have access to HP Instant Ink! It makes it saving money on ink SO much easier!

100 grid counting activity for preschool pizza mini erasers fine motor counting game for pre-k

The first thing I did after printing these is laminate them. Little hands and pieces of paper (even cardstock) is a no-win situation! Laminating is a sure fire way to be able to use this activity over and over.

If you don’t have a laminator, you can use dry erase pockets. With these, you can easily slide paper into them and they can be protected. This also allows you to use dry erase markers on an activity without laminating first.

Spanish counting grids for counting to 10 and counting to 100. Grids filled with pizza mini erasers for counting. Puedo contar hasta 20

For the dice, we use a differentiated instruction cube to create a custom die to match the activity. There is a set of inserts included for 1-3 and 1-6. I use the 1-3 die with the 10 grid and the 20 grid to make the activity last a little longer.

differentiated instruction cube for pizza mini erasers counting game for number grids

My kids adore tossing the dice, so they don’t get bored with a longer game.

Then for the 100 grid, I use the included 1-6 die or switch to a 10, 12, or 20-sided die. I also LOVE using double dice to increase the challenge for older kids.

There are three counting grids in this Pizza mini eraser Counting activity. One for 10, one for 20 and another for 100. This means that this mini easer grid game set is perfect for children as young as toddlers all the way up to 1st grade.

We found these pizza mini erasers at Target, but other manipulatives can be just as fun! Anything that is small, colorful and fun will work perfectly in this counting activity!

Grab the pizza mini erasers and the counting grids. Use the pizza erasers to help with 1:1 correspondence on the grids. We like to place one pizza eraser on a square and count that number. Then move to the second space on the counting grid and repeat, learning about numbers and counting along the way.

Learning with manipulatives like this helps with counting skills, but they also help with fine motor skills. Children are required to use their pincer grasp to pick up the mini erasers or other manipulatives. Fine motor skills are crucial for life skills and activities like this are perfect for strengthening them!

Increase the fine motor challenge by using tongs to place the mini erasers on the grid. These Learning Resources tongs are some of our favorite fine motor tools.

Kids love using the tongs as they learn to count!

Use tongs to pick up mini erasers in preschool counting game

Spanish Counting Activities

This counting activity also includes a Spanish version.

Spanish counting activities are great for classrooms with Spanish integration, or Spanish immersion math classes.

Spanish counting grids for counting to 10 and counting to 100. Grids filled with pizza mini erasers for counting. Puedo contar hasta 10

Alternative Ideas

These grids are also super helpful for assisting with addition and subtraction.

Use this mini eraser activity for addition! Use a double dice (or two dice), add the numbers together and place the correct number of pizza mini erasers on the number grid.

Spanish counting grids for counting to 10 and counting to 100. Grids filled with pizza mini erasers for counting. Puedo contar hasta 100.

Fill the ten frame full of erasers and ask the kids to work out what 10-3 is. They can take away 3 and count what remains to find the answer. This is especially helpful when introducing subtraction for the first time.

Incorporate other activities and books with our math activities. These are some of our favorites with a pizza theme!

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Pizza counting grids for numbers 10, 20 and 100 using pizza mini erasers Featured Image
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