Free Skip Counting by 5s Clip Cards

We are continuing our skip counting practice this week with these adorable free skip counting by 5s clip cards. Jaida has skip counting by 5s mastered in her head, but is finding it a little more difficult to fill in missing numbers, so these clip cards are perfect practice for her.

skip counting by 5s clip cards

Materials needed for the Free Skip Counting by 5s Clip Cards:

  • Paper and/or card stock
  • Laminating pouches and laminator (optional)
  • Clothespins (we like using mini clothespins)

Scotch Thermal LaminatorScotch Thermal LaminatorScotch Laminating PouchesScotch Laminating PouchesWood ClothespinsWood ClothespinsWoodland CreaturesWoodland CreaturesForest Animals MaskForest Animals Mask

To prepare:

Print, laminate if desired and cut out the cards

To use:

Have your student place a clothespin on the number in the bottom boxes to show what is missing from the run of numbers at the top of the card.

skip counting by 5's forest animal clip cards Featured Image

forest animal activities featured image
forest animal matching games Featured Image
farm animal skip counting puzzles featured image

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