In our kindergarten fun we have moved on from butterflies to frogs this week. And we are also working on skip counting. The two just seem to go hand-in-hand. This free frog skip counting lily pads game is a great way to combine a frog theme with skip counting!

frog skip counting lily pads gross motor math game

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for :

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Strong Tape

I discovered today that Jaida may already have the 5s memorized without my help and we may need to move on to another set of skip counting. Regardless, the whole family had a blast as we hopped from lily pad to lily pad counting by 5s up to 100. Even my husband got involved!

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After Jaida hopped through the pond a couple times on her own, all of her sisters decided to join and they did a frog conga line through the lily pads. Shiloh followed for a bit and then she just decided to run back & forth across the pond yelling out random “numbers”. (At least that’s what I think she was saying!)

This awesome activity is super easy to set up. Simply print the lily pads on card stock or if you want you can laminate them. I included a black & white set in case you want to print them on green paper (which is what I did even though it doesn’t really show in the pictures… I also included colored lily pads in case you want to print them that way.

There are some follow-up sheets included for students to fill in the missing numbers as they count by fives. This can help you assess their progress.

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frog skip counting lily pads gross motor math game
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