Free 3-Part Cards for Winter Word Work

Another day another freebie! This is day 8 in the 31 Days of Free Printables! Today I’ve got some super cute free 3-part cards for winter word work. There are so many ways that you can use them, so be sure to download your free set at the bottom of this post!

winter word cards

Materials needed for these Free 3-Part Cards for Winter Word Work:

Paper or card stock

Laminating Paper (optional)

Scrapbook paper (for creating matching cards)

This is another activity that is super easy to prepare. You will need multiple copies of the pages though.

To use as 3-Part Cards you can print two copies on regular printer paper. On the first set, cut around the entire picture and word cards. On the second set, cut the line in between the word and the card.

Then have your child match the separate pictures and the words to the whole cards.

winter word work

Other ideas for using the Free 3-Part Cards for Winter Word Work:

Memory matching game: Print 2 copies on the white side of scrapbook paper. Then use as you would use a regular matching game.

Alphabetical Order: Put the cards in order alphabetically. You can choose a simple level by only providing one card that starts with ‘s’ or you can make it more difficult by including all of the ‘s’.

winter 3-part cards

Read-the-Room: Display the cards throughout the room and have you child find the cards and write the words.

winter 3 part word cards

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