Free Frog Skip Counting Puzzles

We have loved including skip counting in our Frog Theme! It’s so much fun for the kids to pretend that they are frogs leaping past numbers! We had a lot of fun with our frog skip counting by 5s lily pad game and our free frog life cycle fold-up book. Now, I want to share these free frog skip counting puzzles with you!

These frog skip counting puzzles are so much fun! What a great way to practice skip counting by 5s. Great for a frog theme or life cycle unit!

Materials needed for the Frog Skip Counting Puzzles:


Laminating Pouches


Scissors or paper cutter

These 3 frog freebies for kindergarten are a great addition to any frog unit!

These adorable frog skip counting puzzles take less than five minutes to prepare, which as a busy homeschooling mom of four daughters and work at home mom, I have things that I would much rather spend my time on than prep work. Because, as much as I love laminating things, having a life is much more fun. *wink*

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To prepare the puzzles, print the skip counting puzzles found below, laminate and cut apart the pieces.

It’s that easy.

I wrap a rubber band around mine to store them.

These 3 frog freebies for kindergarten are a great addition to any frog unit!

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Then, pull out a puzzle and have the kids work on their skip counting skills while they assemble the puzzle.

If you have a child who is ready for more of a challenge, mix two or three puzzles together and have her sort them as she puts them together.

For fun, have your students create their own puzzles by drawing a picture, writing their skip counting numbers across the bottom and cutting into strips. Then have them trade with a partner and have the partner assemble the puzzle.

frog skip counting puzzles for math centers

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