Pattern blocks are always fun to play with and these pattern block STEM challenge cards are no exception! They go perfectly with our building block STEM challenge cards too.

These pattern block challenge cards are all open-ended so kids can create a work of art while learning how various shapes work together. One of the best things about STEM activities for kids is that they can be as simple or challenging as you need them to be!

Pattern block STEM challenge cards for kids 'make something with more than 25 blocks'

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Pattern Block Challenge Cards

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Book Ring
  • Paper Cutter
  • Pattern Blocks

Pattern block shapes are perfect for STEM projects because of the variety of shapes and how those shapes fit together. Through the design process, students are working on valuable skills.

Providing the free pattern block printables gives kids a place to start their building and designing. All of the cards allow children to build and create freely within a specific prompt. Carefully arranging and setting up the shapes also works on their fine motor skills!

These free printable STEM pattern blocks task cards are a great way to involve STEM into your day!

Why Incorporate STEM Challenges into Children’s Learning?

You are meeting so many academic skills by providing your child with STEM activities. There are lots of benefits to doing STEM activities with children.

Use of Simple Materials

STEM challenges allow children to look at things like rubber bands and paper clips in different ways.

Work on a Variety of Subjects

STEM activities work on science, technology, engineering and math. These printable STEM challenge cards offer open-ended challenges in varying difficulties so that kids (and adults!) of all ages can exercise their brains.

Work on Critical Thinking Skills

With no right or wrong way to complete a challenge, kids of all ages gain confidence in their abilities.

Develop a Child’s Creativity

The shapes can be put together in so may ways, letting kids be creative. Green triangles can be leaves on trees or spikes on a dinosaur. The only limit is the child’s imagination!

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How To Use The Pattern Block Design Challenges

Print, laminate and cut apart the task cards. Optional: Use a book ring for easy storage and ease of use.

Offering a STEM challenge for kids allows them to work on problem-solving skills, math, engineering and more!

The pattern block cards are varying difficulties, so that kids of all ages can use them to create. Younger kids will enjoy simple cards like the “designing a tree” card while older kids will enjoy the challenge presented with the “build something symmetrical” card. Children simply use pattern blocks to make the shape or design presented in the printable pattern blocks PDF.

Of course, this is also a perfect opportunity to ask questions and see where a child’s thinking can lead them when presented with a problem. Is there a way to solve the problem without completely changing the design? Or is there a different way to solve the challenge?

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Other Ways To Use The STEM Challenge Cards PDF:

Create your own challenge

After children have completed some of the challenges, have them write their own and give to siblings or their parents to solve!

Extend the learning

Once you have your pattern block pictures, you can extend the learning further. Ask questions like, “how can you make this twice as large?” or “how can you make it look like there are apples in the tree?”

Practice 2D shapes

Work with shapes using the pattern blocks! You can also ask kids questions such as “how can you make a square using triangles?” or “how can you make a hexagon with trapezoids?”

These free printable STEM pattern blocks task cards are a great way to involve STEM into your day!

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