Making turkey crafts with kids is a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Long before Thanksgiving arrives, I like to get out the turkey craft ideas. These felt turkeys are one of my favorites, and an easy to make project. Using a clay pot, the clay pot turkey craft template, and a few supplies you can easily enjoy craft time with your children.

Fall is the perfect time to sit down and make crafts with kids. The weather outside is cooler, the wind blows most days, and those leaves fall everywhere. That’s why I enjoy making fun turkey crafts indoors. This gives me some quality time with the children, and a chance to stay warm.

If you’re trying to figure out some crafts to do on a cold fall day, then you’ll appreciate this simple tutorial for these felt turkeys. First, I’m going to share some of the fabulous reasons making felt turkeys is great for kids, and what other options you can do with these clay pot turkey craft for kids.

Felt turkey craft for kids. Use clay pots painted with brown acrylic paint to create the turkey body and craft the turkey feathers with felt.

Why craft with kids?

Develops Fine Motor Skills

There are many parts of crafting with kids that help develop fine motor skills. Holding scissors, cutting out the felt turkeys template. Coloring, and placing the googly eyes on your clay pot turkey craft will all help develop your preschoolers fine motor skills.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Let’s face it, whenever we make something cool it feels good, right?! That same feeling is what your kids get when you craft together. Kids who are interested in crafts, and complete their very felt turkeys will feel a sense of accomplishment that will boost self-confidence.

Simple felt turkey craft for kids to do for Thanksgiving. Use the clay pot turkeys for decorations, gifts, place settings and more!

Strengthens Bonds

Whether you craft with your kids or they’re working together to make these felt turkeys, there’s a lot of bonding that goes with crafting. As your kids work together to make their own clay pot turkeys, you’ll see that they use teamwork and communication to create the most beautiful felt turkeys ever.

At the end of the day, you all know how important it is to craft with kids. The benefits and learning that go with craft time are endless. These felt turkeys, albeit fun to make, can help your kids develop a whole new appreciation for the season and family time.

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What can I do with these Felt Turkeys?

Are you wondering what to do with these felt turkeys? Perhaps your kids just made 10 of these clay pot turkey crafts and you’re at a loss as to what to do with them.

I always hate making crafts that I know are eventually going to find the trashcan. Not because they weren’t a quality craft, but simply because you can’t keep everything that the kids make. We’d all be on an episode of Hoarders…

Well, I have some great ideas for what you can use these felt turkeys for this year:

  • Gifts for family and friends.
  • Home décor.
  • Thanksgiving feast table centerpiece.
  • Front entry greetings.
  • Thankful notes, just make one little thankful note card and hang it on your clay pot turkey.

As you can see there are many ways to use these felt turkeys during the fall season. I love the idea of making a little clay pot turkey craft family to place in the center of your dining room table during the fall season. This is a great way to showcase your kids’ talent, and feature their beautiful artwork during the Thanksgiving season.

This clay pot turkey craft for kids is inexpensive to make. The list of supplies are things that I often have on hand in my craft supply closet. While you might need to buy some clay pots for these felt turkeys, I’ve found the local dollar store sells clay pots that make the perfect option for your clay pot turkeys.

Even “big kids” can have a blast making these felt turkeys. Crafting isn’t just for the little kids, right?! Gather up the list of supplies and enjoy a little craft time with your kids as you create these clay pot felt turkeys today!

Thanksgiving Clay Pot Turkeys

Clay pots transform into Thanksgiving Turkeys to decorate your favorite shelf during this fabulous Autumn season!


  • Clay Pots – 4” Rose Pots (available at Joann)
  • Acrylic Craft Paint – Milk Chocolate
  • Paint Brush
  • Craft Felt – Gold, Burgundy, Prickly Purple, Sandstone, Olive, Pumpkin
  • Wooden Ball Knobs – 2 ½”
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Ribbon – Gingham Green and Orange
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker – Black
  • Gel Pen – White
  • Pencil
  • Straight Pins
  • Ruler
Supplies needed for a fast turkey craft for kids: acrylic paint, felt, scissors, paint brush, ribbon, felt and a glue gun



Gather all supplies. Remove stickers from the bottom of the clay pots. Download, print and cut out all PATTERNS.


Basecoat the clay pots and wooden ball knobs with acrylic craft paint let dry. Apply a second coat, if necessary. TIP: Place the ball knobs on a paintbrush handle so the entire surface can be painted at once with acrylic craft paint let dry. Apply a second coat, if necessary.

TIP: Place the ball knobs on a paintbrush handle so the entire surface can be painted at once.

Paint the clay pot and wooden ball for an easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids using clay pots and felt.


Attach head to the body with hot glue. Trace beak patterns on gold felt and waddle patterns on burgundy felt and then cut out. Attach to turkey head with hot glue. Draw on eyes and eyebrows with a black permanent marker and then add highlights with a white gel pen.

Attach the wooden ball to the clay pot to create the body of a turkey for this fast fall craft for kids.


Pin large and small turkey feather patterns onto craft felt with straight pins and cut out. Tracing and cutting will also work for this step.

Cut turkey feathers for a felt turkey craft out of fall colored felt for a simple Thanksgiving craft for kids.


Layer small turkey feathers on top of large turkey feathers and attach them with hot glue.

Layer pieces of felt to create turkey feathers for this simple Thanksgiving craft for kids.


Measure and cut four turkey legs 12” long by 1” wide and then knot each leg loosely in the center. Trace and cut out four turkey feet and attach to the bottom of each leg with hot glue.

Cut out the turkey legs from pieces of yellow felt for an Easy Thanksgiving activity for kids


Adhere layered feathers to the back of the turkey body with hot glue at the base.


Attach legs to the inside bottom center of the turkey body with hot glue.

Attach felt turkey feathers to painted clay pots on a felt turkey craft perfect for crafting with kids.


Measure a 12” length of gingham ribbon and tie in a bow around the turkey’s neck. Trim ends into a fishtail by cutting a small triangle out of each end.

turkey craft for kids felt feathers and terra cotta pot body Featured Image

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