What is the weather like today? Is it sunny or cloudy? What will the temperature be today? Help your kids observe and record the day’s weather with this simple free printable weather chart.

Free printable PDF Weather chart for kids

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Weather Chart for Kids:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
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This chart pairs easily with your favorite weather app or website. (We love Weather Bug!) Have your kids practice navigating and reading a weather forecast as they record it on this chart.

Record the day’s date and the day of the week. There’s room for a whole week’s worth of data.

Record the weather. Is it sunny or cloudy? Is it raining? Or maybe it’s snowing.

Record the high temperature and the low temperature for the day.

Did you get any precipitation? How many inches or snow or rain fell?

Ways to use this weather chart:

Keep track of an entire week of weather. How did the weather change over the week? Did a front come through to make it colder or warmer. What changes happened during the week?

This free printable weather chart makes learning about the weather so much fun! Will it rain or snow? How many days was it sunny? Learn to make predictions and interpret data with your kids!

Record the week’s forecast on your weather chart on the first day. Was the forecast correct? How much did the forecast change over the week? Print off two copies of the chart. Use one for the forecast and one for the actual weather to easily compare the two.

Can you make any predictions? Do you see a pattern over the week? Does that help you predict the weather for the next day?

Record the weather over a longer time period. Compare the beginning of a month to the end of a month. How much did the weather change during this time? Can you see a change in the seasons?

This printable weather chart is the perfect complement to any weather unit. It’s perfect for kids in kindergarten through second grade who are learning about weather forecasting and learning to understand a weather forecast.

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