We have a new activity to add to our gross motor dice collection! My daughter loves pulling out the dice throughout the day and “rolling” them. While she is learning about weather terms, she is also getting some great gross motor play in which is perfect for when she can’t get outside to play! This free printable weather gross motor dice for kids is great for brain breaks, circle time or when you just need to keep the kids occupied for a few minutes.

Free Printable Weather Gross Motor dice for kids. Perfect for brain breaks, a weather unit or just keeping the kids moving when they can't get outside to play.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Weather Gross Motor Dice:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Pouches
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Differentiated Instruction Cube
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To prep: Print the dice from the download at the end of this post. Then, use scissors to cut out the cube template.

Fold the cube template on the inside lines and tape it into a cube. I find it helpful to put additional tape on the outside of the cube to give the dice a little bit more weight and to last longer. You can also print on card stock for a more durable cube.

To use: Roll the cube and act out whatever phrase is rolled.

weather dice gross motor activity for kids

Or if your kids are like my daughter, turn the cube until you see a picture you want to do and gently place it on the floor….

Note to self… never play Yahtzee against this girl…

Weather gross motor brain break dice actions

Pair up the weather gross motor dice with these fun activities from this exciting Weather Theme!

Or these awesome books about the weather! What weather unit would be complete without “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”?!?!

And this silly video from Sesame Street is a fun way to start a conversation about the types of weather and what kinds of clothes or accessories kids need.

YouTube video

And we also love this fun weather song from Nancy Kopman!

YouTube video

Get your Weather Gross Motor Dice below and get started on an awesome weather unit!!

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

weather theme gross motor brain break dice
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Kim Staten is a mother of four children ages 20, 19, 16, and 12. Kim has taught at the preschool, kindergarten and early elementary levels for 16 years. With extensive experience working with special needs children, including her own children with special needs (Rett Syndrome, autism, anxiety, and ADHD), she creates hands-on curricula and activities that are great for working with children of all abilities in the classroom and at home. Hands-on, accessible activities are her passion. 

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  1. Thank you this fun dice game! My preschool is currently learning about weather! With the covid-19 my preschool had to temporarily close down. For right now I am giving my kids instructions through YouTube videos to continue their learning from home! My own children have been helping me make these videos. In one of our videos we used your dice game to help provide an activity for my preschool kids to do in their home! I shared your link in my description and I hope many families will come and get their own copies to play with their preschoolers! Thank you for providing a fun and easy game! https://youtu.be/gyUx1asDXok

  2. I love these gross motor brain breaks, and download each one I find. I’m a home visitor and they’re a great way to get in some gross motor activities without throwing things inside the house!
    Some of your downloads include the plain squares with activities (intended for differentiated activity cubes) — and I really love these as they’re easy to laminate and bring in my bag of supplies. Others only have the cube template — the folded cardstock cubes tend to get crushed in my travels. Can you include the activity cube squares more often? Many thanks!

    Thanks for all the helpful materials and ideas!

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