Free Printable Weather Pre-K Pack

Today’s activity is a free printable weather pre-k pack. There are five fun activities for your pre-k learners and even kindergarteners to enjoy! Plus, be sure to check out the our awesome weather unit study!

weather prek pack

Materials needed for the Free Printable Weather Pre-K Pack:


1 piece of scrapbooking paper or card stock

Laminating Pouches



Paper Fastener

Paper Clip

Game Markers

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These activities are super easy to assemble and use! Most of them are print, laminate and go which is fantastic. But they are very usable even if you can’t laminate them.

Memory: (pictured above)

The piece of scrapbook paper is for the memory cards, which you will want to print on the white side, so that the cards are not see-through. Card stock works too, but scrapbook paper looks so much more fun when the printed side is facing up.

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Sentence Building Cards:

Weather sentences

You can create lots of sentences with these cards! If you want you can put magnets on the back and use on a white board like we did with the shape pack. Or you can use them in a pocket chart or even on the table like we did this time.

Spin & Cover:

Weather Spin & Cover

This is always a favorite for us. For young learners like my 3-year-old the matching skills required are great. I will be starting to use these games with her very soon I think! (She loves her matching app on my phone…)

To play your child spins the spinner (that you create using the paper fastener and paper clip) and then covers one of the matching pictures with a game marker. We used foam blocks. This can also be used as a Bump! game.

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Pattern-Making Cards:

Weather Pattern Making

Create your own patterns with these weather picture cards. You can even print extra copies of the cards to extend the patterns further or to make more complex patterns.

Sentence-Building Flip Book:

weather sentence strip

Cut out the pictures and staple them to the square on the sentence card. Then color the pictures and read the different sentences that are created.

weather themed printable activities for preschool

More Weather Activities:

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  1. We used your weather pack to celebrate weather man day Feb 9th. She really enjoyed reading the flip book, memory game, and the build a sentence. Thank you!