Shaving Cream Rain Clouds STEM Investigation & Printable

Preschool STEM is all about exploring scientific concepts safely and beginning to understand the scientific method. In this shaving cream rain clouds activity, preschoolers explore the basics of rain clouds and why rain happens when clouds get filled with water.

The printable worksheet is the perfect addition to round out this classic science experiment. The activity will keep kids fascinated over and over again, and teaches a lot about the scientific method, making a hypothesis, making an experiment, analyzing data, and recording results.

You can have children draw to fill in the worksheet or let them write their answers in. Kids will love repeating this activity, which makes it ideal for use in science centers and for independent learning stations. Use this activity alongside any weather studies in your classroom.

Shaving cream rain clouds preschool STEM investigation

Little science lovers will love this fun STEM investigation on rain clouds. Best of all, kids can do this experiment alone in a science center, or as a group!


Shaving cream | Blue food coloring | jar | Rain cloud printable | Pipettes

Materials needed to make shaving cream rain clouds

Shaving Cream Rain Clouds STEM Investigation Steps

Fill a jar about 2/3 of the way with clear water.

Fill the rest of the jar up with shaving cream. This is the “cloud.”

Tell kids a bit about the water cycle and how clouds are collections of water evaporated from the earth.

Shaving cream rain clouds and a free printable recording sheet

When the clouds get too heavy, the water falls back to earth.

In this STEM activity, kids can find out about the capacity of clouds and watch their very own cloud rain.

Color some water with blue food coloring.

Drop the water one drop at a time into the jar using a pipette.

How to set up a shaving cream rain clouds STEM investigation

Have the kids count how many drops it takes until the water fills up the shaving cream rain clouds and falls to the jar below.

In our experiment, it took 100 drops before the water broke through the cloud and started to rain.

STEM rain cloud experiment

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