This month we are focusing on integrating science into our studies. It always seems like there is more work to do than there are hours in the day and sometimes science gets pushed on the back burner. This Butterfly Life Cycle Game is a fun way to work science into the day!

Butterfly Life Cycle Board Game

To prep: Print & laminate the game board and cards. Cut apart the playing cards.

To play:
Styled after the absolutely treasured Candyland®, students will select a card from the pile and move their game piece to the next square containing that portion of the life cycle. Land on the “migration spot” and go to the indicated square either forward or backward depending on the square. Students must draw a butterfly to move into the winner square.

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I have provided both a file folder version and a life-size version. Because we know learning is better when it’s big! You can print as many “spaces” as you want to create the game board of your choice. Weave the game throughout your learning area and let your students get up and move while they learn.

It’s a great way to work in some gross motor activity while you are learning!

Plus, you can use the file folder version for review in your weekly centers.

Guaranteed to offer lots of practice with the Butterfly Life Cycle while having a blast! And you don’t have to be a kindergartener to enjoy it. Be forewarned, you may want to play a game or two with the kids!

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Butterfly Life Cycle Board Game
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