Practice sequencing and learn the butterfly life cycle with a unique, fun game! Includes playing cards with 8 sequential stages of the butterfly life cycle, also labeled with ordinal numbers to ease confusion. Use them as a “War” game or as a matching game.

butterfly card game

Two variations of the word cards and poster are included to account for variations of terminology for chrysalis/pupa and larva/caterpillar.

This is played like a traditional game of “War”, except instead of using numbers, student will use the stages of the butterfly life cycle. The furthest stage in the sequence wins the cards.

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For example: a chrysalis (pupa) beats an egg/ butterfly beats chrysalis (pupa).

butterfly life cycle cards


  • For non-readers: print 4 copies of only the picture cards
  • For readers: print 2 copies of both the picture and word cards
  • Use as a “Go Fish” game by printing two copies of each card
  • Use as an independent matching center
butterfly word cards


  • Divide cards evenly among two players.
  • Place cards face down in a stack.
  • Players each turn over one card at the same time.
  • Player with the word that has the card with the furthest stage in the butterfly life cycle takes both cards and adds them to the bottom of their pile.
  • In case of tie, each player lays down three cards face down and then turns the third card. Furthest stage wins all the cards.
  • Play continues as time allows or one player runs out of cards.

Great partner center!!

butterfly life cycle sequencing games science for kid

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