Free Butterfly Mask Templates

My daughters have become more than a little obsessed with butterflies as we have studied them this week. My kindergartener was actually surprised when I gave her school work that wasn’t butterfly-themed. “But Mom, I thought we were learning about butterflies!!??”

Just one assignment, Dear, just one assignment.

free printable butterfly mask templates

It was no surprise last night when they begged me to make some butterfly masks for them. Because what better way to study butterflies than to pretend to be a butterfly.

It is quite possible that they went to the park today with those masks on their pretty, little faces.

My nine-year old actually asked me to make the masks, so that she could put one on and use the straw as a proboscis (and she actually used that word!), until I pointed out to her that she would need to turn the mask upside down for that to work otherwise the proboscis would be coming out the wrong end. Then, she decided it wouldn’t be a good idea…lol!

She also was very specific about the type of butterfly mask she wanted. A yellow, zebra swallowtail butterfly. We tried our best.

Today, they did all of their school work with the masks on.

I think that they like them.

I printed mine out on regular paper and then laminated them, but I really think that plain card stock would work. Though it wouldn’t be quite as sturdy.

There is actually only one shop in the city that sells card stock, so I consistently forget to go there and buy it. It’s the same one place that sells laminating sheets. I tend to stock up, so I have one less stop on my Monday errand list. Except that I always forget the card stock.

We used thin elastic to hold the masks on which worked out great because they have been able to take them off and on without worrying about breaking them.

butterfly mask templates printable butterfly masks for kids

The masks have been so much fun that I had to share them with you! I couldn’t resist!

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