Your students will love reviewing telling time to the hour, to thirty minutes, to fifteen minutes and to five minutes with this set of time puzzles. Telling time can be a difficult task for young learners, but review will be very enjoyable two-piece puzzles! Students will find the digital time for the analog clock shown on the cards.

You can download this pack once and use it with multiple children of different age groups or as one child continues to grow and develop.

Time on the hour: Pages 5-8

Time on the half hour: Pages 10-13

Time on the :15 and :45: Pages 15-22

Time to 5 minutes (that are not included in the other sections): Pages 24-31

printable time puzzles
telling time puzzles

Please note: Not all times are included in the time to 5 minutes section, but there are 3 puzzles for each five minute period.

These time puzzles are simple for kids to put together so they can focus on learning instead of just figuring out the pieces of the puzzles.

You can make them self-checking by putting matching colored dots or shapes on the matching puzzle pieces. After the kids are finished solving the puzzles, they can turn them over to see if their answers were correct.

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