Students will love practicing their weather words with this set of 4 Weather Bump! Games for partners. They will read words from the spinner and select the matching picture on the game board. Also included, is are Weather Spin & Graph sheets for students to record their spins. A fantastic addition for your time of working with weather.

Weather Bump Games

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Weather File Folder Games Bump!

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • File Folder
  • Paper Cutter
  • Paper Fastener
  • Paper Clip
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For differentiation, I have included a second spinner for each Bump! game board that has weather pictures instead of words. This will enable you to create games for students who are not yet ready to read. They will simply match picture-to-picture. The Weather Spin & Graph sheets also only include picture representation of the weather terms.

weather file folder game

Included in the Weather Bump! Games set:

4 unique weather Bump! games in full color and the elements to turn them into file folder games. (Cover with instructions, tab label, spinner, game board, pocket for Spin & Graph sheets).

4 ***IDENTICAL*** weather Bump! games in black & white with the elements for turning into file folder games.

weather bump set 4

While all the details are added for file folder games, it is NOT necessary to use these games in that format. To use the games without the file folder, simply print on card stock and/or laminate for durability and store in your usual manner.

4 weather file folder games

I hope that you love these games as much as we do!

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