Slime is so much fun. It’s ooey gooey, squishy and slimy. Sometimes even puffy. It catches the attention of all of my girls. They enjoy letting it ooze into a pile or spread out into it’s own galaxy.  Besides being fun to play with, it can be a fantastic learning experience, though too! Whether you are adding in an ABC lesson or a more complex science or math lesson, these slime learning activities are a perfect way to have sensory fun while learning!

This Edible ABC Slime from Parenting Chaos is perfect for introducing letter shapes to toddlers without fear of your child playing with the slime, because it’s edible!

This alphabet slime from Still Playing School looks like its from a different galaxy with the translucent ABCs and when it’s played with over a light box.

Like Little Bins For Little Hands points out, this homemade liquid starch slime can turn from a simple science lesson to a literacy and sensory lesson in mere moments.

If your kids are interested in science they will be obsessed with this Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime from Left Brain Craft Brain, I think even I would be obsessed with this one!

Inspired by a classic children’s book, this Brown Bear Slime from Preschool Powol Packets is the perfect extension of this fun book!

This Slime and Light Table activity from Sugar Spice and Glitter can teach kids about light and opacity. Plus its blue and glittery..that is just fun!

This slippery goo from Little Bins for Little Hands looks like the earth when it’s put together which is perfect for Earth Day but also to pair with Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax!

These slime learning activities are ooey gooey and squishy but also help teach an educational lessons like ABCs, sight words or opacity. Kids will go crazy over these!

This Dripping Goo from Parenting From The Heart is a fantastic fine motor practice activity while also being great science as well. You can let it drip but cut it at the same time, how fascinating.

Remember as a child enjoying erupting volcanoes? This Erupting Slime from Steam Powered Family takes that excitement to a whole new level. Kids can play with the slime then watch as it erupts right in front of them!

If you’re teaching about the frozen tundra this sparkly frozen slime from Sugar Spice and Glitter is a perfect companion. Kids can pretend the slime is snow covered land!

On the surface this slime looks like ‘just glow in the dark’. When you look deeper at this glow in the dark slime from Little Bins for Little Hands, it can be a lesson in math, motion, gravity and science.

If your child is beginning to practice sight words, this Sight Words Slime from Steam Powered Family is a great hands on activity. Mixing fine motor skills in with searching for letters to complete sight words is fun and great practice!

All of these slime activities have a slime base, but bring in other educational aspects to help make a fun activity a learning opportunity. If you have a slime lover these activities are for you!

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