Preschoolers and slime go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most kids LOVE diving into the gooey, sticky, oozy mess that we call slime. This EASY snow slime recipe for kids will certainly engage your preschooler while also providing some amazing sensory benefits.

– Life Over C's fun sensory activity for kids this winter with this Snow Slime

Recommended Grade Level:

Snow Slime Sensory Activity Supplies:

  • 1/2 cup clear or white PVA school glue
  • 1 tablespoon saline solution (must contain boric acid and sodium borate)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • fake snow powder or white foam balls

I included the Snowman Jar craft to accompany the slime recipe as cute and convenient storage for your snow slime recipe!

Young learners will learn to follow a recipe and measure and mix ingredients. Then, the sensory play allows preschoolers to delve into all 5 senses while exercising those fine motor muscles AND creativity! Your kiddo will want to pull this snow slime out all winter long to help beat those crummy weather blues!

Using Slime in the Classroom

Squishies, balls, putty, bands, beads, gears, slime and spinners. Fidget toys have certainly made an appearance as one of the newest ways to annoy teachers across the world!

HOWEVER, (take a deep breath) while slime may seem to be distracting, it actually has its place within an educational setting.

When used properly with the right instruction, your students can benefit from fidgeting with slime or something else throughout the day. It can help students remain calm, quiet and alert during read aloud, circle time, and rest time. It even provides a nice sensory break to reset a child who is having a hard time focusing.

Snowman jars and slime can be placed on a nearby shelf. Then, let your students know specifically WHEN and HOW to grab the slime and play with it quietly as long as they’re listening to instruction in the classroom.

Yes, initially going to have AAAALLLLLL of your students getting into the slime at every opportunity. BUT, over time you will find that those that actually need it will gravitate towards it. This is a really nice lesson in self-monitoring/self-awareness and reducing stress and anxiety in healthy ways.

Preschoolers are busy little bodies. They need the proper tools to help equip them for hard days. While you’ll be using this snowman jar and slime activity in the classroom as an arts and crafts activity, you’re also helping your students learn ways in which they can cope during a difficult day.

Does slime actually help kids focus?

Yes! Slime helps kids focus because it allows busy hands to stay active while other movements and sounds cease. The snowman slime’s texture is a thick, resistant type of slime. When students can hold it and play with it in their hands, their brains get a little break.

Slime is one of the many tools that teachers can use in the classroom to hold the attention of their preschoolers on a busy school day.

What does slime teach?

This snowman jar and slime activity is Science at its best! It provides hands-on experimentation that walks young Einsteins through the scientific process.

You can begin by looking at the recipe and predicting what the mixture will be like. Throughout the process, you can encourage questions, record observations and adapt predictions.

As your students mix the saline solution, baking soda, glue, and white foam slime balls together, they’ll see the ingredients go from liquid-like material to a more solid, resistant material.

How to make Snow Slime and a Snowman Jar

There are many basic slime recipes, and this is just one of them. I decided to make snowman slime using saline solution (NOT the same as contact solution) and baking soda as the slime activators.

You could use equal parts of water, glue and liquid starch instead.

All you need is a large mixing bowl for the ingredients.

– Life Over C's white foam balls in white glue in a clear bowl for making slime


You will need:

  • 1/2 cup clear or white PVA school glue
  • 1 tablespoon saline solution (must contain boric acid and sodium borate)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • fake snow powder or white foam balls

Grab a large mixing bowl. Mix the water and glue together well.

Now add the fake snow/foam balls to the mixture. Mix those ingredients together until they are well combined.

Then, add the saline solution and stir until the slime stops sticking to the edge of the bowl. Knead the ingredients in your large mixing bowl until well combined. The kneading is important! The slime will feel stringy at first, but the consistency will change as you knead it. You may have to add a few more drops of saline solution if your slime feels too sticky.

Set the snow slime aside while you create your snowman jar.

– Life Over C's Mason jar painted white with three red buttons down the front of it.

Where can I buy fake snow for slime?

Buying fake snow is super easy during the Christmas season! You can readily find it at Walmart or Target or a local craft supply store.

But the moment Christmas is finished, all the winter craft supplies seem to disappear.

Thankfully, Amazon makes it easy to buy fake snow year round, along with all the other supplies for this homemade snow slime recipe.

– Life Over C's Child's hand in snow slime.

How to Make the Snowman Slime Jar

My kids LOVE playing with slime in all forms (cloud slime, fluffy snow slime, shaving cream), but adding a super cute snowman jar to use with the homemade slime makes it even more fun!

To make the snowman jar, paint the outside of a mason jar with white glass paint and allow it to dry.

Once the mason jar is dry, hot glue 3 red buttons on the outside of the jar.

Wrap the scrap fabric around the mason jar to form a scarf for your snowman jar.

– Life Over C's Mason Jar painted like a snowman with red buttons and a plaid scarf.

Place the snow slime inside the mason jar and place the lid on. Storing your slime in an airtight container should help it last up to a few weeks.

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– Life Over C's fun sensory activity for kids this winter with this Snow Slime
– Life Over C's Snow slime with a snowman jar.

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    1. Since there is a wide variety of ‘small mason jar’ sizes, the slime recipe itself with 1/2 cup glue and 1/2 water will create a full cup of slime. You can add as much fake snow as you want based on the overall size you want and the texture.