You students will love reviewing their medial vowel sounds with this fun larger-than-life fly-swatting activity. This is a fantastic activity for a center, group activity or even individual. With this being a life-size activity, kids can stand up and move around while they play. This helps encourage the development of gross motor skills as well as getting the wiggles out!

short vowel review activity

Contents of Swat the Vowel:

Pages 4-8: Colored flies

Pages 9-13: Black/White flies

Page: 14: “Bug Off” Canister Label

Pages 15-19: CVC Word Picture Cards

Page 20: Flies for use in a center

Pages 21-25: Follow-up pages

Suggestions for use:

Choose which flies you want. Print them on card stock and/or laminate for durability. Cut them out and tape them to a wall.

Print the canister label and tape to an empty canister large enough for a child to put his hand in.

Print the picture cards on card stock and/or laminate for durability. Cut them out and put them inside the canister.

Shake the “bug off” can, have each student draw a card and then take turns swatting the flies. It’s best if you have a fly swatter, but if not, simply swat them with hands instead.

I have also included a small set of flies that can be used individually in a center. Provide a smaller swatter in that case.

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