25+ Simple Machine Toys Your Kids Will Love

I’m sure your kids have had the ‘Why? Phase’. I know mine have. Where they are so incredibly curious that everything I say they ask why? or how? Yes, it can be aggravating, but their little minds are growing and developing, they just want to know how and why. These simple machine toys are toys, but they will feed into their how and why curiosity that you might get a small reprieve.

25+ Fun Toys For Exploring Simple Machines & Physics Of Them. Help develop fine motor skills, cause & effect and more.

These simple machine toys delve into how simple machines work. Why wheels spin, how pulleys pull and the physics behind simple machines. Your kids may see this as just having fun, but these toys are extremely helpful for developing critical thinking, fine motor skills, cause and effect, as well as many other areas.



 K’NEX Education – Intro to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys Set – 178 Pieces – For Grades 3-5 – Construction Education Toy Learning Resources Simple Machines – Set of 5 Learning Resources Stem Simple Machines Activity Set Learning Resources Stem Force & Motion Activity Set Ignition Series Physics Simple Machines Learning Resources Simple Machines Activity Cards Set 3-in-1 Construction Take-A-Part Toy Truck for Kids with 27 Take Apart Pieces and Power Tool Drill (Bulldozer + Excavator + Roller) EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS DESIGN & DRILL ACTIVITY CENTER ETI Toys – Kit of Screws for Boys and Girls 92 Piece set for building Engineering designs! Great for Learning, Developing and Having Fun. Engineer your design Today! Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop Educational Insights Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop Imagination Building Blocks Take Apart 129 Pieces Set 3D with Screw Wrench Tool DIY Puzzle Board Brick Assembly Toy Kit Intelligence Kids Skill Construction Early Learning Birthday Gift for Children Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center Melissa & Doug Spinning Wheels Gear Toy With 6 Interchangeable Gears TINKERTOY – Wild Wheels Building Set – 76 Pieces – Ages 3+ – Preschool Educational Toy K’NEX Education – Simple and Compound Machines Set Pathfinders Hydraulic Machines 4-in-1 Wooden Kit (Cherry Picker, Platform Lifter, Excavator, Scissor Lift) Engino Discovering STEM Mechanics Cams & Cranks Construction Kit Little Labs Physics and Forces LEGO Education DUPLO Early Simple Machines III Set 4517242 LEGO Education Wheels Set 4598357 (286 Pieces) LEGO Education DUPLO Tech Machines Set 6024003 (95 Pieces) Lego Education Simple Machines Set # 9689 6 Book Series: The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Idea Book: 181 Simple Machines and Clever Contraptions The Kids’ Book of Simple Machines: Cool Projects & Activities that Make Science Fun!


Your children may see these toys as just pure fun, but while they are connecting and exploring the world of simple machines and physics, you’ll be doing a happy dance. Grab a few of these toys and get exploring.

25+ Fun Toys For Exploring Simple Machines & Physics Of Them. Help develop fine motor skills, cause & effect and more.

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