Every preschool theme is an opportunity to build language skills. Earth day activities for preschool can cover a variety of topics from science and math and language is no exception! I created this preschool Earth Day activity to encompass both fine motor and language/vocabulary. The free printables are easy to prep. Earth Day preschool activities included are a big/small Earth sort and a sensory Earth Day craft for preschool. Enjoy!

Recommended Grade Level:

Pre-K Earth Day Printable Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Pom poms (blue and green)
  • Green sequins
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots

Language and Literacy Activities for Preschool



Young children benefit greatly from rich language experiences, new vocabulary, and opportunities to talk sprinkled throughout different activities for kids.

Use concrete things to demonstrate words when possible. For nouns, show the object. For verbs, do the action. For adjectives, show the same adjective in relation to multiple objects, so that the child understands you are not naming the object, but describing something that can apply to multiple objects: fuzzy teddy bear, fuzzy dog, fuzzy sweater or red triangle, red square, red circle.

Narrate to yourself. Talk about simple actions that you are performing. Do not take any situation for granted. You think yellow buses driving by are boring, but that can be a new set of words for your child!

Use hand gestures. Even if you do not use formal sign language, using the same gesture every time you mention a certain concept, can help kids bridge the gap between non-verbal and verbal.

The Earth Day themed activity is really an Earth Day preschool craft and an Earth Day fine motor activity rolled into one!

Your child will enjoy gluing the pom poms and sequins to the Earth and learning about big vs. small with the colorful Earth printout.

Turn this art project into a lesson the Earth with some thoughtful questions for children:

  • Where is your favorite place on Earth?
  • How could our family reduce the amount of trash we produce?
  • Do your prefer beach/mountains/city?
  • What can we do to honor the Earth on Earth Day?
– Life Over C's These free earth printables are great for building language skills with preschoolers and working on fine-motor skills.

What Can Kids Learn From Earth Day Activities For Preschool?

spring fine motor activities for preschool


Depending on the direction you want to take the learning, toddlers and preschoolers can learn a variety about Earth during this Earth Day craft for kids:

  • Landforms
  • Recycling
  • Weather
  • Animals/Habitats
– Life Over C's These free earth printables are great for building language skills with preschoolers and working on fine-motor skills.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About Earth?

Children are naturally curious about everything around them, from magnetic letters to backyard dirt. Learning about our planet helps them understand the world a little bit better.

Background Knowledge: Learning about Earth and how to conserve it gives kids a broader perspective on life and what it means to be responsible for keeping our planet healthy.

Understand Cycles: Many things in our world are cyclical: life, seasons, and weather are a few examples. Understanding we live on a planet called Earth and we can do our best to treat it well helps kids understand how those cycles help the Earth continue.

Connect with Nature: The more children know and understand about the natural world, the more they will connect and understand to natural surroundings.

Make Connections: Connecting with our planet by learning facts about it helps children make broader connections later, like how animals, insects, and plants also contribute to Earth.

How to Make The Earth Day Fine Motor Activity

Step One:

Print the pages on regular paper or card stock. To prep the big/small sorting game, cut the Earths.

Step Two:

This fine-motor earth printable gives lots of opportunities to say the colors ‘green’ and ‘blue’.

Begin by putting one glue dot at a time and help the child put a pom pom on the correct colors.

Then, put glue on all the dots to finish the rest of the pom poms and sequins.

– Life Over C's These free earth printables are great for building language skills with preschoolers and working on fine-motor skills.

Step Three:

To sort the big/small Earths, place the Earths in a bowl/sensory bin and ask the child to pick one. Identify whether it is big or small and place it in a designated area. You can create “headers” before hand by talking about big vs. small and maybe labeling each area with a “big” toy and a “small ” toy.

– Life Over C's These free earth printables are great for building language skills with preschoolers and working on fine-motor skills.

Extend the Activity

Earth Crafts

What better way to celebrate Earth than with a natural materials craft! Make bird feeders with pine cones, seeds, and peanut butter!

Nature Walk

A simple walk in nature is a great way to recognize and celebrate Earth Day! Bring along a scavenger hunt page to be on the lookout for specific items.

Write a Letter

Help build language skills by writing a letter together with your child to Earth. What do you want to promise the planet or thank it for?

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– Life Over C's earth day printable activities for preschoolers
– Life Over C's earth day printable activities for preschoolers
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