Painting is at the top of my preschoolers list of favorite kids craft activities to do! What I love about painting is all the developmental benefits that it has to offer! What I don’t love is the clean up, which is where mess free finger painting in a bag comes in! This Mess Free Pumpkin Painting in a Bag for Kids is an awesome fall painting idea for kids that requires minimal clean up!

Pumpkin Sensory Paint For Kids

Recommended Grade Level:

Pumpkin Sensory Painting Supplies:

  • Cardstock Paper
  • Pumpkin Template
  • Orange Paint
  • Gallon Zip Bag
  • Tape

If you are looking for fall painting crafts for kids that are pumpkin themed, look no further! This fun, easy, toddler mess free painting activity is the perfect pumpkin craft to do with your little ones!

What Are The Benefits Of Finger Painting For Kids?

Although it can be messy, (which is where mess free finger painting comes in!) finger painting has many benefits for kids!

  • Exploring different textures through sensory activities is incredibly important for brain development!
  • Finger painting is great for fine motor skill development, and helps to strengthen finger and wrist muscles!
  • Painting can be a relaxing activity for children, and is a wonderful outlet for expressing their emotions! Some parents find that painting is an excellent way to help calm down and soothe their child when they are upset!
  • Finger painting is a fabulous way to introduce primary and complementary colors! Through a little mixing and exploration, little ones will be able to observe how mixing two primary colors (in this case yellow and red) can make a new complementary color (orange!)!

How To Do This No Mess Painting In A Bag Activity:

Overhead picture of mess-free pumpkin finger painting in a bag.
Supplies for Mess Free Pumpkin Painting in a Bag.


Find a template that you want to use for your painting pumpkins activity and print it onto a piece of card stock. You can choose a simple outline of one pumpkin, an image of multiple pumpkins if you want to create a pumpkin patch, or you can freehand draw a pumpkin if you do not have a printer!

Squeeze the paint into the bag, press all of the air out, and seal it! You can use orange paint, or yellow and red paint if you want your little one to explore color mixing!

Overhead shot of orange tempura paint in a zip-lock bag.

Tape the card stock to the bag of paint. You can also tape the card stock and baggie to the table to prevent it from sliding around while your child is finger painting!

Overhead shot of a zip-lock bag full of paint tapped to a table for mess-free finger painting.

Your child will move the paint around with their fingers until all of the white card stock is covered with paint!

Overhead shot of a pumpkin stencil sitting over a bag of paint for mess free finger painting.

Other Ideas For This Preschool Pumpkin Theme Activity:

  • If you are planning on carving pumpkins, save the pumpkin seeds from inside! After you wash them, you can add them into your bag with the paint for some added texture for the sensory experience!
  • Use a different cut out like a fall tree or fall leaves!
  • For a pumpkin math learning activity, have your little learner practice tracing and forming their numbers in the bag of paint. Just write a number on the bottom piece of card stock and make sure it is visible in the cut out of the pumpkin!

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