Welcome to a delightful exploration of preschool leaf crafts and the wonders and colors of fall. In this fall leaf craft journey, discover how real leaves can add a touch of magic to a simple session, turning it into a seasonal adventure. Engage your young artists in an exploration of textures and colors as we make learning and crafting an unforgettable experience with this Easy Fall Tree Craft for Preschoolers.

– Life Over C's Simple fall leaf craft for kids.

Recommended Grade Level:

Fall Tree Craft Supplies:

  • Real fall leaves 
  • Real twigs and sticks
  • Bin
  • White Cardstock
  • Glue

Learning With Fall Leaf Crafts in Preschool



Preschool fall crafts go beyond creating cute artwork: they immerse children in the rich palette of autumn. This easy fall tree craft introduces kids to the hues of red, orange, and yellow, connecting them with the changing seasons in a visually engaging way.

Incorporating real leaves adds a tactile dimension to the craft, enhancing sensory exploration. The rustle of leaves and varied textures provide a hands-on experience, fostering fine motor skills. This sensory engagement creates a holistic learning environment, connecting kids with nature through touch and sight.

This fall tree craft idea for kids is a canvas for creativity. From arranging leaves to arranging the tree trunk, every step encourages self-expression and imaginative play. Children develop cognitive skills like problem-solving and decision-making, all while having fun creating their fall-inspired masterpiece.

  • Can you name some of the colors you see in the fall leaves?
  • Can you describe the textures you experienced while working with the leaves?
  • What was your favorite part of decorating the tree?
  • What do you like most about using real leaves in your craft?
– Life Over C's yellow fall leaf and small sticks hot glued to a white piece of paper fall leaf craft for kids

What Can Preschoolers Learn While Making Fall Tree Art?



Kids will love getting outdoors to collect leaves and sticks. As they enjoy fall colors, scents, and sounds, preschoolers will benefit in other ways:

  • Enhance hand-eye coordination while handling and arranging leaves.
  • Reinforces color identification as children explore the vibrant hues of fall leaves.
  • Encourages imaginative expression and decision-making.
  • Touching and feeling real leaves fosters sensory development.
– Life Over C's fall leaf craft for kids using sticks and fall leaves to create a fall tree craft

Why Is It Important For Kids To Make Fun Fall TreeCrafts?

Leaf crafts for kids are a fun, easy way to engage students with nature while teaching important vocabulary and concepts about seasons and how the world works.

Learn About Seasons Through Crafts

Learning about each season provides valuable background knowledge for young learners. They can expand learning by comparing/contrasting characteristics of all four seasons.

Connect with Nature

Leaf art and other natural projects help kids of all ages connect with and understand natural surroundings.

Fine Motor Skills

With every craft with leaves or other supplies, kids build those tiny muscles that ultimately help them succeed with handwriting, getting dressed, tying shoes and so much more.

Build Creativity with Nature Crafts

Tree crafts for kids give young learners many opportunities to take control of their learning, exercise creativity, and feel the pride of a project they created.

How To Make A Fall Tree Craft:

Step One:

Take a nature walk and collect a variety of fall leaves, sticks, and twigs. Place them in a bin. If desired, allow them plenty of time to dry out.(You do not have to wait until they dry for this craft.) 

– Life Over C's clear elmer's washable school glue and a white rectangular bucket filled with fall leaves

How to Make This Fall Tree Craft with Leaves

Step Two:

Set up your fall leaf craft work space.

Pick out a few sticks to create a tree on the white cardstock paper. Use a trail of glue to attach the sticks to the paper.

– Life Over C's gluing sticks to a white piece of paper with clear school glue to create a fall tree craft

Step Three:

Allow children to pick out their favorite leaves from their nature walk. Glue the leaves around the tree.

Pick similar leaves for the tree or use a variety of leaf types. For this tree, I used one type of leaf.

– Life Over C's three fall leaves and three small sticks on a white piece of paper to create a fall leaf craft shaped like a tree

Step Four:

Allow the sticks and leaves to dry before displaying.

– Life Over C's fall leaf craft made with small sticks and fall leaves to look like a fall tree

Extend the Activity:

Leaf Printing

Let preschoolers use real autumn leaves as stamps to create beautiful patterns and textures on paper.

Fall Leaf Collage

Provide kids with a sheet of contact paper, sticky-side up, and encourage them to create a fall leaf craft with pressed autumn leaves.

Leaf Rubbings

Show preschoolers how to do leaf rubbings using crayons and paper. They can place the leaves under the paper and gently rub over them to reveal the intricate details of the leaves.

Leaf Puppets

Use colorful leaves to create leaf puppets by adding googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms, and other craft supplies

Leaf Wreath

Encourage kids to make a fall leaf wreath using cardboard or a paper plate as the base. Use apple trees as the inspiration.

Leaf Garland

Create a festive leaf garland with preschoolers by stringing painted leaves together.

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– Life Over C's Simple fall leaf craft for kids.

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