Clay is one medium that I just love using. I love watching my children literally mold their creativity into the clay. The same thing happens when we play with play dough, but the best difference is that with the clay we can save their creations. If clay is air dry, we let it sit out to dry and then we are left with a beautiful masterpiece that we can save forever. Clay crafts have zoomed quickly to the top of my crafting list.

Easy Clay Crafts for Your Home

I also like making things out of clay. I have made things to give as gifts and other times I have made things for home decor. I especially like to make holiday decorations out of clay.

More Fantastic Clay Crafts

These DIY Alphabet Magnets are adorable! These would make practicing letter and word with hands on activities so much fun!

If you are looking for a fabulous gift that kid can make, these DIY Sunflower Clay Bowls are beautiful. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to receive one of these!

This Clay Footprint Bowl is another bowl that is so sweet it almost brings tears to my eyes and they aren’t even my child’s feet.

Some clay projects show you just how fun clay can be. These Mobile Phone Holders have such great texture beautifully molded right into the pieces.

10 Clay crafts for home

Using cookie cutters with clay can help you make beautiful pieces like these Daffodil Candle Holders. With a cookie cutter and a little paint you can have one beautiful piece!

This clay bowl has a magnet molded inside to create a Magnetic Pin Bowl for sewing pins. What a fabulous creation for the seamstress in your life!

My daughter has recently become fascinated with fairy gardens. These Fantasy Dragon Eggs will probably be right up her alley, they look like treasures!

These Pinch Pots are amazing. I can see having a few of them scattered around my house. They are perfect for plants or holding small odds and ends!

Here is more proof that clay is fabulous at accepting textures pressed into it. These DIY Stamped Clay Bowls are beautiful and would look fabulous on a coffee table!

Clay is also fabulous for creating fashion accessories. These Angel Wing Earrings are gorgeous and a gorgeous use for clay!

Class up your gift wrapping skills with these Clay Gift Tags. After the gift is opened, it could easily be transformed into a necklace or broach!

These Clay Lanterns are beautiful with or without the lights on. These would be perfect on an outdoor patio on a warm summer night!

I guarantee as soon as I show my girls this idea, this will be their next project. This Geometric DIY Air Dry Clay Colored Pencil Stand is the perfect addition to a homework table or craft room!

Clay is so much fun to create with. The options are basically endless!
I love the way it holds texture when you stamp something into it. I also love to watch how my daughters use their creativity to create something absolutely beautiful.

Have you worked with clay before? Comment below with your favorite project.

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