Toilet paper and paper towels are two household essentials, especially if you have children!  We are always stressing the importance of recycling in my house, and we always love to upcycle if we have the opportunity.  Paper towel and toilet paper roll projects are a great way to keep your kids busy and repurpose your used cardboard tubes.  So, if you have an abundance of empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes and are looking for some new and creative ways to recycle them, check out this list of 10+ DIY Cardboard Tube Ideas For Your Home & Kids.

10+ Easy DIY Projects Using Cardboard Tubes. Perfect For Home, Kids & Fun.

Recommended Grade Level:

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Pasta: Shell, Rotini, Farfalle
  • Rice
  • Ruler

If you have ever found yourself wondering what to do with all the empty toilet paper rolls lying around your bathroom, you have come to the right place.

Why You Should Use Empty Toilet Paper Tubes and Paper Towel Rolls For Crafts:

  • There are so many options for creative things to do with toilet paper rolls and paper towel tubes. Kids will love showing off their artistic talents while working on the crafts.
  • Empty toilet paper roll crafts for kids are not only super cute, but they are also super easy and inexpensive to make!
  • Arts and crafts with toilet paper rolls are a great rainy day project.
  • Cardboard tube projects can make a great addition to any recycling unit you are teaching or can be a fun Earth Day project.

So, if you have a rainy day, or just some bored toddlers looking for something to do, check out these fun craft ideas using empty toilet paper rolls and cardboard tubes!

DIY Cardboard Tube Wall Art Paper Craft:

We created this beautiful DIY Cardboard Tube Wall Art from ones that we had saved. Not only was this craft idea with toilet paper rolls project fun to make, but it was incredibly simple too. You can follow our simple tutorial here.

Buying decorations for a whole house can be expensive and sometimes it’s even difficult to find pieces that I love. Going the DIY route is my favorite and so far this Cardboard Tube Wall Art is in my top 5!

This flower cardboard tube wall art is so simple (and cheap!) to put together. Craft it in just one quick afternoon!

10+ DIY Ideas Using Cardboard Tubes

We love using cardboard tubes so much we had to share more ideas with you.

Here are more of our favorite ideas. Now all you have to do is save those cardboard tubes and get crafting.

If you don’t have a stock pile of cardboard tubes at your house and are wondering where to buy toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes, just check out any craft supply store to purchase some.

These easy toilet paper roll crafts are super simple and your kids will love creating fun and adorable crafts using toilet paper rolls and paper towel tubes.

In our house we love bins, pouches, cute boxes and baskets. Anything that we can put stuff in to keep organized, really. And the prettier the better. This Pencil Pouch From A Cardboard Tube would fit right in. Think about all you could do with this!?!

Do you have a frog lover in your family or maybe a friend? This adorable Toilet Paper Roll FROG Craft is seriously fun and so simple. Can you imagine decorating a birthday party with these sweet hoppers?

Our family also likes doing DIY projects as much as we can. If we can make something ourselves and save money, it feels great. This DIY Phone Amplifier and Stand is the perfect example of what we love to do! Bring on the dance parties!

Speaking of DIY to save money, birthday parties are expensive to throw, especially when you have more than one child. This Punch Out Pinata looks so fun for kids (and adults) and is super inexpensive to make.

Have you ever tried to knit? It can look intimidating but with these fun DIY French Knitting Tools it could be even more fun. Bring on creating beautiful pieces!

Look at this cute critter! Ladybugs are always fun for me because they mean spring & summer, which are two of my favorite seasons. This Cardboard Tube Ladybug Craft would be a fun afternoon craft when the weather doesn’t permit being outside!

Right along with the last craft, this adorable and easy toilet paper roll craft for toddlers Toilet Roll Handprint Butterfly screams spring. This would also make a fantastic gift for a grandparent or aunt, from a child!

Watching things grow, or growing your own flowers and food, can be very rewarding. These Biodegradable Mini Planters can help you with that. Plus they are inexpensive and easy to make. Win!

What better way to show off your love for nature than by recycling and using nature to create an adorable preschool toilet paper roll craft! These Twig Pencil Holders would be a fabulous way to remember a nature hike you and your kids took, a camping trip, or just a way to dress up your desk. Simple and pretty!

If you’re like me, you’ve seen quite a few bird feeders made from toilet paper rolls. This Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder is the best I’ve seen, though, because it has pegs for the birds to sit on. I like to relax while I eat, why wouldn’t birds too?

This 3D Hot Air Balloon is adorable. This would make a lovely afternoon craft, party decoration, or even a beautiful piece for a little girl’s (or boy’s) room.

Making DIY Decorations is always fun but making DIY toilet paper roll craft toys seems so rewarding. We love playing with marble runs in our house, with this DIY Marble Run  tutorial kids can create their own!

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

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