Kids of all ages will love capturing some sunshine and memories with this fun and easy diy suncatcher craft. Not only is this adorable beaded suncatcher craft for kids super easy to make, but it’s also an educational kids craft!

suncatcher craft for kids made from beads

Recommended Grade Level:

DIY Suncatcher Supplies:

  • Small Twig
  • Needle
  • String, Twine, or Thread
  • Scissors
  • Beads

Working with string to thread different sizes of colorful crystal beads will help strengthen fine motor skills while giving kids the opportunity to practice other skills such as: sorting, patterns, and color recognition.

In addition to catching the sun’s rays, this easy project could also be a wind chime!Depending on the different shapes, sizes, and material of beads you choose for this arts and crafts project, kids could make predictions as to what type of sound, if any, their beads might make when the wind blows. If you want to guarantee their suncatcher also makes sound–add a few small bells for them to thread!

Let your kids get their creative juices flowing by allowing them to choose which beads they would like to use to make their own unique sun catchers. You could also have them choose a few specific colors and make themed suncatchers: red, white, and blue for 4th of July; red, orange, yellow, and brown for Fall; green, red, and small jingle bells for Christmas; or even their school or favorite sport’s team colors. This is an easy kids project and so much fun, they may end up wanting to make several to give as gifts!

Age Groups

This simple diy suncatcher for kids art project is perfect for groups too–whether you are a Troop Leader, Summer Camp Counselor, Vacation Bible School Teacher, or the Neighborhood Kid-Sitter! If you need a craft idea for kids–this is it!

Most likely, your older kids will probably be able to follow along as you demonstrate each step of the suncatcher project. Whereas, your younger kids may need additional help with tying the knots and possibly getting started with the threading of the beads.

If you are working with a group of young children you may want to ask a few parents to help out or, if possible, have a mixed-age group so that the older kids can help the younger ones.

Additionally, no matter what age group you are working with, I’d make sure to preface the activity with a little safety precaution: “DON’T PUT THE BEADS IN YOUR MOUTH!”😉

Supplies for making a DIY Suncatcher for kids. Scissors, white thread, a sewing needle, colorful beads, and a stick.

Let The Fun Begin!

Step 1: Prepare Needle

Prepare the needle with string, twine, or 2 or more strands of thread. Tie several knots at open end of the thread strands. You can opt to insert a small seed bead through the needle attached thread, as the hole would be small and the bad won’t slide out of the thread.

FIrst bead strung onto a thread with a needle.

Step 2: First Beaded Strand

This step is where your kiddos can express their own creativity! They may choose to create a pattern of specific colored or sized beads or they may decide to mix them all up for a more whimsical look. Thread the beads through the needle and continue beading to your desired length. Keep at least 3 inches of extra thread exposed/un-beaded–these extra inches of thread will be needed to attach the beaded strand to the twig.

Colorful beads strung onto a thread with a needle.

Step 3: Additional Beaded Strands

Continue making additional beaded strands. Five beaded strands are shown in the picture, however, feel free to make as many as you like. Also, you may choose to keep the beaded strands similar in length or vary the lengths to create a completely different look!

Step 4: Attaching First Beaded Strand

Cut the dry twig to your desired length. Attach one of the beaded strands to the twig by wrapping the thread around the twig and tying at least 2 tight knots to secure the strand to the twig.

Colorful beads on strings being attached to a stick to make a suncatcher.

Step 5: Attaching Additional Beaded Strands

Continue wrapping and tying the additional beaded strands to twig. Try to keep and even amount of space between each beaded strand.

Completed DIY Suncatcher on a white background.

Step 6: Attaching Suncatcher Hanger

Cut 2 or more strands of thread to desired hanging length. Wrap and tie one end of the thread strand to the left side of the twig and then wrap and tie the other end of the thread strand to the right side of the twig. Make sure to tie at least 2 tight knots on either end of the twig so your suncatcher will hang securely. You may choose to use string or twine to hang your suncatcher for a more rustic look.

DIY Suncatcher hanging on a branch in the sun outside.

Now your colorful, and possibly musical, suncatcher is ready to be hung and admired from a branch of a tree, on a front porch, or hang in a window.

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