As promised, I’m continuing on with the transportation theme that I introduced on Thursday with the free pattern making printable. Today I have a free counting to 10 printable pack for you. It’s super cute and I can’t wait until Shiloh is ready to use it. This counting to 10 pack is great for preschoolers and kids in the beginning of kindergarten. You could also use it as a review resource for 1st graders who need to learn to count things quicker.

transportation theme preschool counting printables

These four fun activities will make a great addition to your transportation activities. I find that using a theme to teach basic concepts helps my kids to connect better with the information. When a topic is exciting to them and they can see it used in many different ways, they seems to make more cross-curricular connections. While this is especially important with older kids when they are insisting that they “won’t really need” whatever they are studying, this is great for younger kids too, showing them the connection between math, reading and high interest topics.

My three  year old loves talking about different forms of transportation right now. As part of our home speech therapy, we are working to increase her number of words that she will say without prompting by another person. So it’s really a great tool to use printed pictures that she can “talk” about. We can point to each picture on the activities and practice counting so that she can hear the words modeled.

Get a full-year of math activities

A full-year of kindergarten math activities: perfect for small groups, partner activities and independent centers.

One car.

Two cars.

Three cars.


When she is ready to expand to more descriptive words we’ll be able to use these same activities by adding words such as colors or sizes.

One red train. Two red trains, Three red trains….

For more advanced children, you can use these activities as independent games while you work with other kids.

Counting to 10 Clip Cards

If you have never used clip cards before, they are a very simple way to get kids to use their fine motor skills while practicing other skills. Simply print and cut apart the clip cards. I usually laminate for durability. You could also print on card stock, but the cards probably will not last as long. My three year old is very rough with things, so the laminating helps things to last more than 10 seconds.

Then, have your child use a clothespin to indicate the correct answer on the cards.

transportation numbers clip cards

Counting to 10 Two-Piece Puzzles

These are so simple! Print and cut out. Then, have your child count the pictures and find the matching numeral.

Transportation themed puzzles

Counting to 10 Line-Up Puzzles

Practice number order with these adorable puzzles! Have your child piece together the pictures by putting the numbers in the correct order.

Four line-up puzzles

Counting to 10 Counters

You can use these as a sorting activity and a counting activity by having your child sort the different pictures first, counting them and then finding the matching number. For fun we put all of the numbers in order.

Our Favorite Counting Books For Kids:

We can’t live without these!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

More from our Shop

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

transportation theme preschool counting printables
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