If you live in a snow-prone area, you know the magic and beauty those little flakes create. Even though snow can be a complete nuisance when you have places to be and people to see, it tends to warm our hearts all the same. I love the idea that each snowflake is different from another but together they create such peace.

We love snow! This simple free printable snowball roll and count math game for kindergarteners is perfect for a winter theme! Kids love rolling the dice, writing the numbers and counting the snowballs or snowflakes. #kindergarten #wintertheme #math

The Free Preschool Counting Games Winter Snow Themed Roll and Count is Snow. Much. Fun. I love that it lasts all through our winter theme learning (just like those flakes). I also love all the skills rolled into one winter math activity: number recognition, counting, one to one correspondence, numeral writing, and potentially number word writing.

Easy Counting Games for Preschoolers

Counting, number recognition and other early math skills simply take time, repetition, and lots of hands on practice. Simple counting games for preschoolers keep them readily engaged in playful learning activities that take the BLAH out of math.

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Winter theme preschool activities teach about the season while sneaking in important math concepts. Students will be excited about playing and counting because it feels more like a game than “learning.”

Give preschoolers lots of opportunities to roll dice and identify the number. That in itself is a skill that takes practice. Over time, they don’t need to count the dots to determine the number.

Then, you can begin to differentiate the winter activities for preschoolers to include dice with numerals instead of dots, or numbers greater than six.

It’s also important to add in oral counting and singing. Pointing to a number line while singing/counting helps reinforce the idea that each number has a corresponding numeral.

Snowball Roll and Count

This printable counting game for preschoolers is fun because there’s something about rolling that die that keeps kids eager. And the activity slides seamlessly into your lesson plans with very little prep (print, laminate, GO!)

We love using our foam dice for this low-prep math game!

Giant foam dice are fun to roll AND they are quieter than normal dice, so they don’t disturb the other kids. Early learners can use a traditional 1-6 die. Kids who need a more challenging number activity can use the 1-12 or 1-20 dice.

You can also use our favorite double dice to create an addition winter themed activity for kindergarteners.

Dry erase pockets are much easier and more cost effective in the long run than laminating. For busy teachers, they are so easy to slide activities in and out, no more waiting for that laminating machine to heat up!

If you don’t have white pompoms, cotton balls work well. Counting activities for preschoolers should always include some type of manipulative to touch and count.

Add this snowball roll and count dice game to your math centers this winter!

Materials Needed for the Free Printable Snowball Roll and Count Math Activity:

Tools you’ll need

dry erase pocket
jumbo foam dice for kids

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

More Winter Math Activities for Preschoolers

Incorporate interactive counting games into preschool math as much as possible. Consider how you might add math concepts into art projects, the winter sensory bin, or the dramatic play area.

  • Count ice cubes into a bowl, then check on them every hour to see how long they take to melt.
  • Hide the students’ winter boots (or mittens) around the classroom and see how long it takes to find all the matching pairs. Then count them, of course!
  • Sensory activities might include making numerals with play dough, drawing numerals on glittery snowflake sensory bags, or in shaving cream to mimic snow.

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Free printable winter roll and count dice counting activity for preschool and kindergarten math activity
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