Preschoolers love counting and learning about numbers. I love hearing the pride in my little ones voices as they count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Soon after beginning to count, preschoolers become interested in how to read and write numbers. Little learners will love practicing their numbers with these Free Printable Winter Preschool Number Tracing Worksheets!

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Recommended Grade Level:

Snowman Number Tracing Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Writing Utensils

The wonderful thing about these pre k number worksheets is that there is a variety of different activities to do and so many skills to be practiced!

They are perfect for introducing numbers as a new skill, or for reinforcing and reviewing numbers with kindergartners.

What Type Of Activities Are On These Free Printable Preschool Number Worksheets:

These preschool and kindergarten worksheets will help improve your child’s number sense and help them become more familiar with recognizing numbers.

Overhead shot of a child completing a winter themed trace the numbers worksheet.

Each preschool math worksheet has the following parts:

  • Diagram of how to write each number with labeled steps and arrows
  • The number in numeral and word form
  • The amount represented by the quantity of winter objects
  • Tracing numbers practice
  • Practice writing numbers
  • Tracing the written number practice
  • Independently writing the number word practice
  • Find and color activity

Your little one will gain confidence in their ability to count, read, and write numbers while using these free number tracing worksheets

What Skills Can Be Practiced With These Free Printable Number Tracing Worksheets:

These number worksheets provide plenty of opportunities to practice tracing and writing numbers 1-20. Tracing is a great pre-writing skill for little ones, so even if your preschooler can’t write the number on their own, they can use the tracing template to help them form the shape of the number.

Since each page has the number in numeral form, as well as it represented in picture form, learners will get practice with one to one correspondence and making the connection between the numeral and quantity it represents.

Students can practice writing the number in word form with these worksheets as well! Just like with the number tracing, even if they are not familiar with all the letters of the alphabet, the tracing guides will help them learn the shapes and work on pre-writing skills!

Finally, the coloring and tracing portions of these activities allows for lots of fine motor skill practice!

After your child has mastered the skills listed above using the number worksheets, you can start to work on other skills such as ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) and skip counting!

Reaching Learners Of Every Style:

These printable number tracing worksheets are a great way to ensure you meet the needs of any style learner you have!

  • The images of the number shown in quantity, numeral, and word form are perfect for visual learners. They will also love the pictures with arrows showing how to draw the numbers!
  • Kinesthetic learners will enjoy tracing the words and numbers. Since this type of learner does well with hands-on activities, providing counters to match up with the quantity pictures would be very beneficial!
  • If your little one is an auditory learner, these worksheets are a wonderful activity to work on one on one while talking or singing about numbers!

The combination of activities on these worksheets is perfect for all learners since most learners benefit from more than one learning style approach!

Overhead shot of a child completing a winter theme number worksheet for the number 5.

How To Use These Printable Number Tracing Worksheets:

Print the pdf file worksheets out onto plain white computer paper, or white card stock.  

To increase the longevity of the activity, laminate the pages, or slip them into a clear, plastic sleeve.

Assembling these number recognition worksheets into a binder is a good idea. That way they are always ready to go for number practice!

Since there is such a wide variety of activities on these worksheets, there are many possible ways to use them!

Depending on your preschooler’s attention span and stamina level have them complete the entire page, or just one or two activities at a time!

For some extra support, provide your learner with a manipulative to assist them in counting out the number they are working on. This adds a great hands on component to the activity!

More Tips For Helping Your Preschooler Practice Numbers:

  • Count whatever you can, whenever you can! The more practice preschoolers have counting, the more comfortable they will become with them!
  • Work on representing numbers a variety of ways! Find numbers on a number line, number chart, count teddy bear counters, and make tally marks. This is how number sense is built!
  • Make counting fun! Color by number and dot to dot number matching activities are so fun for kids, they won’t even realize they are learning!

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