FREE CVCE Word Building Apple Baskets

Yesterday I shared my free CVC word building apple trees with you and today I have a CVCE word building activity for those children who are ready for more of a challenge.

These free apple themed CVCE word mats are a great way to introduce CVCE word families!

I have talked several times about helping kids feel successful right before challenging them to do something harder. That’s what we did before starting this activity.

My first grader is a reluctant learner in general, but reading is her nemesis. At least in her mind.

So, we often choose an activity that is a little bit simple for her prior to trying an activity that involves a new skill.
Jaida’s new skill is Magic ‘e’.

So right before we worked on this activity we did the CVC word activity that I showed you yesterday.  (We actually did them on the same day, that’s why her clothes are the same…not because I didn’t wash the laundry…) We built on the success of the CVC activity and tried out her new skill.

We worked on magic ‘e’ words a bit, a couple months ago, but not really enough for it to sink in.

She has a little saying that helps her remember what Magic ‘e’ does.

“Magic ‘e’ makes the vowel say its name!”

Each time she pulled out a new card we repeated the saying.

learning magic 'e'
working hard to build cvce words
learning to read
celebrating reading

She loved the word ‘mute’. Though she was a bit confused at first.
Once she figured it out, she was quite pleased with herself.

She wanted to have a little victory celebration…

I promise those pictures weren’t staged at all…lol!

She really did think she was super cool for spelling a new word (even if she didn’t really understand what it meant…)

These free apple themed CVCE word mats are a great way to introduce CVCE word families!

Then, be sure to check out the other great apple activities that we’ve been doing!

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