What is the first thing that gets you in the mood for Fall? For me it is apples. Seeing an apple tree grow, smelling apple scented candles and tasting apple cider and apple pie! It is a glorious time (until pumpkin everything comes out). It is also a popular back to school theme. When school starts there are cute, red apples everywhere and I love it. I think kids think an apple theme is fun too and can make learning extra sweet. This Apple Roll and Count game is a fantastic back to school or fall game to help kids practice counting!

Free printable apple tree roll and count math activity.

Apple Tree Roll and Count

And mini erasers…. glorious mini erasers! I was lucky enough to get the new Target Dollar Spot mini erasers this summer and found these adorable apples. If you can’t find mini erasers (why can’t every Target have them?!?!), you could use pom poms instead.

Materials Needed For The Free Printable Apple Tree Roll and Count Activity:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Dry Erase Pocket
  • Apple Mini Erasers or Red, Green and Yellow Pom Poms

Preparing & Playing

A fun game can often encourage children to practice a skill or concept that they may otherwise not be motivated to do. This Apple Roll and Count is a simple activity to set up and exciting to play while learning an important concept and skill!

Grab this free printable math game for kindergarteners with a fun apple theme.

To start, print out the roll and count activity. From here there are a few options.

For activities that I know my kids will want to use and play over and over, I will laminate them. This way they will stay durable for years to come.

If this theme is one that may just be seasonal or for a special occasion, using a dry erase pocket may be sufficient and is a very easy option!

Once the option is decided upon, grab your apple manipulatives and dice and get playing.

Have the child roll the dice. Whichever number the dice lands on is the number you will work with first. Have the child count out the correct number of apples and place on the play mat. Use the dry erase marker to write the number symbol and the number word.

You can go over the the number again, count it a few times and spell the word out loud.

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