MESS FREE finger paint… it’s like music to my ears! Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good messy finger painting project, but every once in a while it is nice to do a project I know won’t require half a roll of paper towels to clean up! Apple Theme Mess Free Finger Painting in a Bag is an easy fall craft that your kids will love (and you will love, because who doesn’t love mess free painting)!

– Life Over C's Apple Mess Free Painting

Recommended Grade Level:

Apple Mess Free Painting Supplies:

  • Apple Tracing Template
  • Cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Gallon bag
  • Red, yellow, and green paint
  • Masking Tape

This no mess painting in a bag is not only the perfect apple themed preschool activity, but it is also great for any little ones who you are concerned might try to eat the paint during a finger painting project (check out this edible paint for another solution to that problem!)!

Why Is Finger Painting Important For Kids?

Fall painting crafts for kids, like this one, have so many developmental benefits for kids! Here are some of the many benefits of this finger painting kids craft!

  • Finger painting is a great sensory activity for kids!
  • The touching of the paint is a great tactile experience for little ones! Even if your toddler is mess free painting using a bag, they are still exploring different textures and manipulating the paint with their fingers which is awesome for cognitive development!
  • Fine motor skills are strengthened when little ones use their fingers to paint and create artwork!
  • Kids are given the opportunity to let their creativity shine while creating finger print artwork!
  • Some children find painting to be a soothing activity and it can help them to regulate their emotions, especially if they are upset!

How To Make This Mess Free Finger Painting:

– Life Over C's Picture of the supplies for the Apple Theme Mess Free Finger Painting in a Bag.


To begin this fun apple paint in a bag activity, use your template to trace the outline of the apple onto the card stock.

Cut out the design so that you are left with the piece of card stock and the apple image cut out.

Squeeze paint into the plastic bag. You may want to be a little strategic in where you squeeze the paint. (For example: keep green towards the top for the leaf and stem and red in the area where the apple cut out will line up.)

– Life Over C's Picture of green paint added to a zip-lock bag for Apple Theme Mess Free Painting.

Gently squeeze and release all the air from the bag and seal it.

Tape the card stock with the image of the apple cut out to the plastic bag. To prevent the project from moving around too much, you may want to secure the bag and card stock to the table with tape as well!

– Life Over C's Zip-lock bag of paint taped to a table for mess free finger painting.

Now comes the fun part! Have your little one use their fingers to move the paint around and fill in the white areas of the cut out!

– Life Over C's A child's hand doing the Apple Theme Mess Free Finger Painting activity.

More Fall Painting Ideas For Kids:

  • Keep with the mess free painting preschool theme, and use an image of an autumn tree or apple tree as the cut out!
  • Create fall leaf art prints! Go outside and collect fall leaves, lightly dip them in paint and gently press them against paper or a canvas!
  • Create a fall tree salt painting!

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– Life Over C's Apple Mess Free Painting

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