Can I just say that the last couple weeks have been crazy busy? Not the end-of-the-year kind of busy that you are probably experiencing, but a ‘we’re still schooling and I’m trying to physically build a school and I’m trying to prepare curriculum for three grade levels from scratch’ kind of busy. I know that was a run-on sentence, but it mimics how I feel! I’ve had barely any time to breathe! In the meantime I’ve created these free ocean theme puzzles for making 10 and had a lot of fun with this cut & paste pack!

Making 10 Ocean math printable pack for kindergarten

Because of all of that I’m so glad that I got the chance to review Tammy’s (Teacher Tam’s) Kindergarten Common Core Math: Cut and Glue Workbook.

Why am I glad that I got to review Teacher Tam’s Cut and Glue Workbook?

Because it was so easy to implement!

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE center activities. I love to laminate things. I love the bright colors and the super cute graphics. That’s why I make so many center activities!

But! Just wait!

Being pressed for time the last few weeks, Tammy’s Cut and Glue Workbook has been an easy-to-implement dream.

It covers all of the essential kindergarten math skills. So, no matter what learning stage you are in or what skill you need to cover/review, it’s included.

We’ve been working on memorizing our addition to 10 facts, so we did a fun cut and paste activity that involves adding animals together. I love that it requires extra thinking to decide which sets of animals belong together to make ten, rather than just finding the one missing addend.

If you have any time left in the school year or you want an easy set of activities to send home with your kiddos, this is great!

Check out the Kindergarten Common Core Math: Cut and Paste Workbook on TpT.

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ocean addition to 10 making 10 puzzles
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