Let’s take a trip to the aquarium to discover the ocean life we normally would not see. Who wouldn’t love to spend the day watching sharks swim, tropical fish flutter, and whales wade around? This printable ocean animal pattern block activity for preschool is a great way to start the conversation about some of the animals that live in parts of the ocean that your kids may never see. Working on fine motor skills, visual discrimination and identifying shapes are also great bonuses for this fun preschool activity. Perfect for an ocean theme in preschool!

Ocean Pattern Block Designs

block patterns for preschoolers

Fine motor skills development will help children complete tasks like zipping coats, using a fork, and reading a book.

Using ocean activities with your preschoolers is a great way to teach them about the world outside of their little bubble. Most preschoolers don’t understand the concept of a city or state, let alone the fact that there are entire oceans that separate them from other parts of the world.

Aside from learning about different sea creatures, your preschooler will get practice flipping, turning, and pinching the pattern block pieces.

Share these ‘fin’tastic (you see what I did there?) pattern block templates in an ocean discovery center, with a water filled sensory bin, or really anytime throughout the day. Plus, these free pattern block templates are a great way to get kids interacting with shapes and spatial opportunities.

Fish printable pattern block preschool activity for preschool ocean themes and fine motor skills.

In addition to learning about fine motor skills here are some questions to ask your kiddos using the Ocean Animal Pattern Block Templates:

  • What shape do you think we will use the most of? Why?
  • Why do you think all of these animals live in the ocean?
  • What other kind of animals and plants do you think we would find in the ocean?
  • What do you think whales eat?

What Can Preschoolers Learn Using Pattern Blocks?



Visual Discrimination

  • Which picture is different?
  • Mark the shapes that you use.
  • Matching pattern block pieces to the image on the mat

Visual Scanning Strength

  • Scan the image to find the matching pattern block pieces
  • Scan the set of three images to find which picture does not match
  • Scan the shape images at the bottom of the page and the ocean animal image to find matching shapes
Ocean theme pattern block worksheet for preschoolers with a picture of an octopus.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Play With Pattern Blocks?

Besides the fact that kids love hands on activities, there are so many other reasons you should play with fun shapes:

Develop a Child’s Creativity

Experimenting with pattern blocks designs is a way to allow your child to show off their creative side.

Problem Solving

Your child will be using their heavy thinking skills trying to manipulate and construct a picture using the different shapes and size of pattern blocks.

Identifying Shapes

Show your child the differences and similarities between the shapes. Your preschooler can tell you how many sides and angles the shapes have.


Children can get additional practice finding out which shape they used the most and which they used the least.

Whale pattern block fine motor printable for preschool kids
Ocean Animal Pattern block mat with a stingray for fine motor skills

How To Use The Ocean Pattern Blocks Printable:

Pattern blocks math

This activity is so easy to create and set up. Simply use a color printer to print the pattern block mats.

Laminating or using a plastic sleeve can extend the life of your printables.

It may be beneficial to first model how to use the activity with your child. Provide them with pattern blocks and encourage them to circle the differences between the ocean animal pictures. Your preschooler can also use the dry erase marker to mark off the shapes they used to complete the pattern block animal.

Fine motor pattern block activity for preschoolers with an ocean theme.

Other Ways To Use The Printable Pattern Block Templates:

I Spy

Use this printable alongside an ocean unit and this too cute Ocean I Spy activity.

Go Off the Grid

Have your preschooler create their own ocean animal or plant using the pattern blocks and their own creativity. No template needed.

Let’s Add Some Math

Pick up that dry erase marker and have your little fishy write down the number of shapes they used to create the animal.

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