Colors are so fun and easy to teach because they’re everywhere! You can slip them into any conversation, from getting dressed in the morning to bath time at night. You can spot them, name them, spell them, or learn them in another language! Color activities for preschool are even more fun when you can tie them into a theme! And that is JUST what this activity does.

Dolphin Ocean Theme Color Posters for Preschool

Recommended Grade Level:

Ocean Themed Color Poster Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Pencil

The Ocean I Spy Colors Poster Set for Preschool is the perfect color poster set for your ocean animal theme for preschool! It includes 11 colors in both English and Spanish! You’ll get full-page posters to display, AND half-page cards to hide around the room with the words, “I see a blue/white/etc. dolphin.” In addition, the set includes an “I Spy” gameboard. Did I mention all of these printables come in BOTH English and Spanish?! They do!

Activities to Teach Colors for Preschoolers

As with any preschool learning, hands-on activities are the best! It’s also a great idea to integrate a color theme for preschool into as many content areas as possible. Fun activities include:

  • Share color books for preschool. Create a book list with books about color so you can easily grab them during those ‘teachable moments.’
  • Learn and sing color songs with movements, too!
  • Incorporate fine motor skills at the sensory table by hiding colored pom-poms and finding them with pinchers.
  • Play I Spy as a class with objects in the room instead of color cards.
  • Incorporate color mixing science by mixing food coloring in primary colors to create secondary colors.
  • Every lesson plan about colors for preschool should include playdough! It’s a versatile, fun color activity: sort balls, press shapes into various colors, mix colors, match colors, and more!
Color Posters for preschool in english and spanish

How to Use the Ocean I Spy Colors Poster Set Preschool Activity

The free printable comes with three different components. Use them to teach preschool colors or as an ocean theme activity for your preschool class.

  1. Full-page color posters for preschool with the English word on top and Spanish word beneath, OR with the Spanish color word first and the English version beneath. Colors included:
  • Blue/Azul
  • Black/Negro
  • Yellow/Amarillo
  • White/Blanco
  • Red/ Rojo
  • Purple/Morado
  • Pink/Rosado
  • Orange/Anaranjado
  • Green/Verde
  • Brown/Marron
  • Gray/Gris

2. Half-page “I Spy” posters for each color with the words, “I see a yellow dolphin,” or “Veo un delfin amarillo.”

Pink color posters with an ocean animal theme

3. I Spy Ocean Colors gameboard. Children will color in each dolphin as it is found around the room during the game of “I Spy.” (both Spanish and English boards included)

Using this activity is as simple as printing the free printable! Use the 8 x 11 posters as a bulletin board, or as a whole class reference during circle time.

Print and cut the half-page “I Spy” game cards. Place them around the room randomly. Given students a gameboard and let them explore. As they find each color, they should read the sentence, then find the corresponding dolphin on the gameboard and color it in, using the corresponding color.

child pointing to an orange dolphin color poster

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

spring birds theme color posters for preschool
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