Letter recognition is a REALLY important stepping stone towards reading success! Brain research on how our brains learn to read shows that it’s crucial for preschoolers to connect the spoken sounds of our language with the letter codes we use to read and write. Complicated?! You bet!

BUT, this hands-on activity for preschoolers is NOT! This no-prep letter recognition printable worksheet set includes all 26 letters for young learners to explore! Even better, they get to use those enticing lowercase and uppercase letter stamps.

– Life Over C's Spin & Stamp Ocean Alphabet Activity

Recommended Grade Level:

Scuba Theme Alphabet Spin & Stamp Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Ink Pad
  • Paper Clip
  • Paper Fastener

Ocean Theme Letter Recognition Activities: Spin and Stamp is an adorable ocean theme preschool printable. Your students will LOVE learning letters while enjoying ocean creatures and scuba divers! This hands-on ocean theme activity for preschool also works on fine motor development as they spin with a homemade (paper clip + pencil) spinner and press stamps onto the page.

Teaching Letters

I absolutely love teaching letter sounds and names! It is amazing what young brains absorb! And it’s exciting to me because I KNOW how this will contribute to their success as emergent readers.

The key to any good preschool teaching is to provide lots of hands-on opportunities for students to explore uppercase and lowercase sorts free from too many constraints. First, allow opportunities to simply distinguish between capitals and lowercase letters.

As children gain confidence, increase the complexity by adding letter names and/or sounds.

– Life Over C's Spin & Stamp Ocean Alphabet Activity

How to Use the Preschool Ocean Theme Alphabet Game

This activity is so easy to prep! You just need to print the 26 pages. Each page includes a spinner divided in half as well as a clearly defined area for stamping either uppercase or lowercase letters.

Show your students how to use a paperclip and a pencil as a spinner (fine motor development!)

Then, they should orally identify the letter, choose the corresponding letter stamp, and press it into the appropriate box!

Beyond the basics, there are many ways to play! Students can focus on one, two, five, or ten (or more) letters at a time.

You can staple all the ocean alphabet printable pages together in ABC order and work through each one, or you can lay a few out on the table at a time.

Students might even stay on one letter to see how many of each uppercase vs. lowercase letters come up on the spinner! Add in math by tallying them up at the end.

– Life Over C's Child's hand stamping the letter B on a worksheet

Ways to Differentiate Letter of the Alphabet Activities

Letter recognition worksheets and activities are easy to adapt for each and every learner in our group. While some students are ready to tackle all 26 letters, some need to ease into it with more manageable chunks.

Fortunately, there are SO MANY WAYS we can help our students succeed one step at a time! Here are some additional preschool activities to promote letter learning. Keep in mind how you might adapt these letter activities to any preschool theme, from ‘Commotion in the Ocean,’ to ‘Easin’ into the Season’:

Ocean Songs For Kids

YouTube video
– Life Over C's Spin & Stamp Ocean Alphabet Activity
  • Sorting uppercase and lowercase letter worksheets come to life when you hide letters in rice at the sensory table. Students can then place them in two different buckets. Students that are ready can write each letter they find on a t-chart or dry erase board.
  • Include small, plastic letters in a sensory bottle for children to explore anywhere, anytime.
  • Feed Me Letters! activity involves creating a themed box/bucket with a ‘mouth.’ Students then choose a letter (plastic or paper), identify it, and then ‘feed’ the creature. Ocean-themed ideas include a shark, sea turtle, octopus, or whale.
  • Letter scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids moving around the room searching for letters. When they find one, designate a place to bring it, name it, and go find another!
  • Letter races are also a fun way to practice! Line the kids up on one end of a large space. Place letters (large foam letters work well, but any type would do) at the other end. On, “GO!” students must run to the other side, grab a letter, shout its name, and carry it back.
  • Ocean-themed books for preschoolers are also an excellent source for letter learning!

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– Life Over C's Spin & Stamp Ocean Alphabet Activity
– Life Over C's Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Summer Ocean Theme
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