The magic of collecting sea shells on a beach is amazing. You walk onto the beach not knowing what you will find, if anything. Sometimes you find broken pieces of shell while other times you stumble upon full sand dollars. Either way, it feels like you found a real treasure. Ocean theme preschool activities can draw upon kids’ experiences as treasure hunters, or inspire them to ask for a trip to the beach! This fun Free Printable Sea Shells Roll and Count Activity printable game fits nicely among other ocean themed math activities for preschool, or can just be part of a lesson plan designed to teach kids to count, write and recognize numbers.

seashell counting roll and count summer math game

Recommended Grade Level:

Seashell Roll and Count Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Ten-Sided Die

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Counting Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten



Key math concepts in preschool and kindergarten include one-to-one correspondence, counting to 20 and beyond, skip counting, backwards counting, and adding and subtracting numbers.

Roll and count games are perfect for introducing numbers or practicing counting at the math center. There are multiple sections for diving into the different parts of a number as well as counting. This printable dice game for Preschool all the way through kindergarten is ideal because it hits multiple facets of each number.

The sense of mystery with each and every roll should not be under-estimated. Children won’t go in order 1 through 10 or 20, but instead whatever the die lands on. The anticipation as each player rolls is fantastic!

Hands-on counting activities provide more value than counting pictures on a page, or writing the number of objects on a boring worksheet. Dice games for kids teach the same skills, but they draw the attention of young learners because they love rolling dice!

With each roll of the die, children must complete several tasks in this counting game for preschool and kindergarten:

  • Recognize and name the number
  • Physically count objects
  • Write the numeral
  • Write or copy the numeral word (when ready)
Beach themed free math printable for counting seashells.

What Can Children Learn From Counting Activities for Kindergarten and Pre-K?



The preschool ocean math activity is valuable because it teaches a variety of skills. Kids will want to practice over and over because they like to roll and count seashells, but they might not realize how many skills they’re actually practicing!

  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Number recognition
  • Number word recognition
  • Number sense
  • Counting fluency
Roll the die and count the correct number of seashells on this free printable math activity.

Why Are Counting Games for Kindergarten and Preschool Important?

The best way to build number sense and counting fluency is with repeated practice. The best way to encourage repeated practice with kids is with engaging, hands-on activities.

Strong Foundation

The easier a child can count without a ton of effort, the easier it is for them to apply numbers to addition, subtraction, and beyond.


Counting math activities for preschool and kindergarten give kids meaningful reasons to count. The more they count, the easier it gets, the easier it gets the more ready they are for advanced counting, like backwards or skip counting.

Number Sense

Counting games and one-to-one correspondence activities build number sense, or the ability to understand, relate, and connect numbers.

Make Connections

When we use themes for counting, we can easily extend the topic into different areas. After counting seashells, kids might be more curious about ocean animals or habitats.

How to Make the Free Printable Seashells Roll and Count

To Prep:

The first step is to print the ocean activity for preschool.

We like to laminate or use the dry erase pockets. Over time the dry erase pockets are more cost effective, but lamination works as well.

The lamination or dry erase pocket is necessary for writing the numbers.

We gather the dice and our counters as well.

Free prinable seashell roll and count math game for kindergarteners. Count the seashells to match the number rolled on the dice.

To Play:

This is a super easy game to play. To start, have the child roll a die. The number that the die lands on is the number that the child will focus on first. Have the child say the number, write the numerical symbol, the number word, and then place the correct number of counters on the space. When this is complete, wipe the mat, remove the counters and start again.

This can be done using addition. Roll two dice, use counters to find the answer, write the answer number and number word. The same can be done with subtraction.

Roll the die and count the correct number of seashells on this free printable math activity.

Sensory Bin

Instead of rolling a die to get your number, hide plastic/wooden numbers in an ocean themed sensory bin. Kids find a number, pull it out, and complete the mat.

Ocean Craft

Extend learning with an ocean themed craft for kids. Paint seashells, create an ocean scene, or make ocean animals are great craft ideas.


Not all children will want to do ALL THE THINGS on the mat. Adapt to suit every learner. Maybe require them to only count objects, or just write the number, or whatever combination works.

seashell counting roll and count summer math game
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