In case you haven’t noticed, we like to repeat similar types of activities with different themes or a few little tweaks to make them new and fresh. This Gingerbread word work printable for CVCE Words is no exception. I’ve shared the apple themed one and scarecrow themed one with you this fall along with a CVC version. We’ve been using them off and on for the last few months. But there is something great about a new theme. Jaida, my first grader, loved this activity as if it was the first time she had used it just because she loved the gumdrop letters.

free printable for CVCE words

There are two versions of word cards included. The first version has the word written out for kids who are not ready to de-code the word on their own. The second version of the cards only has the picture, so that they kids need to sound out the word and create the words themselves. This makes this set really great for differentiation or when a child has been successful at the first level and needs a new challenge.

There is also a black and white version if you want the kids to decorate their own gingerbread house.

This gingerbread word work free printable for CVCE words will make a fabulous addition to your phonics program this winter. It's even fun to use once Christmas has passed.

How to prepare the Gingerbread Free Printable for CVCE Words:

  • Download using the link below.
  • Print the gingerbread house, gumdrops and the set of word cards you want to use.
  • Laminate for durability.
  • Cut apart the word cards and gumdrops.
girl using CVCE Words printable

Using the Gingerbread Free Printable for CVCE Words:

  • Lay out the gumdrops across the table. You can have the kids put them in alphabetical order if you want to, but it’s not necessary. In actuality, having the letters scattered means that the kids work harder on quick letter recognition. This is the stage that we are at, so that is what we have been doing.
  • Put the word cards in a pile.
  • Select one word card.
  • Find the letters that match the word and assemble them on the gingerbread house.

It’s that easy!

We usually do 5-7 words in a sitting. That way she doesn’t get bored with the activity and we can use it for multiple days.


Extend it:

Print two copies of the word cards and play a memory game. (Print on scrapbook paper, so the cards aren’t see-through.)

After laminating, use a dry-erase marker to trace the words to work on handwriting skills.

Pick a word and have your child write a sentence using it.

Sort the cards by word family.

Sort the cards by vowel sounds.

Put the cards in alphabetical order (start with 3-4 words and increase in difficulty from there.)

Our Favorite Gingerbread Books For Kids:

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