Construction Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Preschoolers

During the holidays, my family loves making a list of all the fun Christmas activities we want to do together. Christmas tree decorating is always at the top of our list!  Even after we have all the ornaments on the tree, I still find my kids asking where they can find more ornaments to decorate with!  This is where the Construction Paper Christmas Tree Craft For Preschoolers comes in as the perfect holiday craft to continue the tree decorating fun!

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This easy paper Christmas tree craft for kids will become one of your favorite craft ideas for the holiday season! After you make this adorable Christmas Tree craft with construction paper, you can use all the miscellaneous kids craft supplies you have lying around your home to decorate them!

Why Are Craft Projects Important For Children?

When it comes to doing Christmas craft projects with kids, the possibilities are really endless! Whether you are making a popsicle stick Christmas tree, or one made from construction paper, you will be happy to know that your child is benefiting from working on crafts!

One of the greatest benefits that crafts have to offer kids, is that they are awesome for fine motor skill development! Cutting, pasting, coloring, and tearing are all great exercises for small fingers and hands.

Easy Christmas tree crafts for preschoolers like this one are also good for hand eye coordination!

More Christmas activities for kids that are great for fine motor skills:

  • Use cookie cutters to create fun Christmas holiday play dough shapes!
  • Make salt dough ornaments! The mixing and kneading of the dough is wonderful for strengthening hand and finger muscles!
  • Use a paper plate to cut out a wreath, color or paint it green, and decorate it!

How To Make This Preschool Craft Christmas Tree:

Overhead shot of all of the supplies for the Construction Paper Christmas Tree craft.


  • Colored craft paper (different shades of green)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Supplies for decorating (sequins, buttons, glitter, beads, pom poms)


First, decide how large you want your Christmas tree to be. Once you have decided, freehand draw or use a template to trace a triangle onto your piece of craft paper.

Cut out the triangle.

Overhead shot of a green triangle of construction paper for a scrap paper Christmas tree.

Cut the green colored craft paper into small squares. One inch by one in squares work well for this project!

Tip: If you do not have craft paper, tissue paper squares will work well for this part too.

One at a time, crumple the cut out squares into small balls. Repeat the process for all shades of the green colored paper.

Overhead shot of construction paper squares and crumbled construction paper.

Organize the crumpled balls of craft paper into small piles according to their shade of green.

Glue the crumpled paper onto the triangle in rows. Begin at the bottom of the triangle with the darkest shade of green.

Overhead shot of crumbled construction paper glued to a green triangle for the scrap paper Christmas tree craft.

After three or four rows of the same shade of green have been glued down, switch to the next lightest shade.

Repeat this process until the whole triangle is filled up with crumpled balls of craft paper.

Overhead shot of the completed Construction Paper Christmas Tree Craft.

Now it’s time to decorate! Let your preschoolers add Christmas ornaments to their crumpled paper tree using buttons, sequins, and other miscellaneous craft supplies for a fully decorated tree craft.

Don’t forget to add a star at the top of your tree!

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