Free Christmas Play Dough Printable Set

To continue along with our play dough love, I created this fun Christmas Play Dough set for my kids last week. You can use the set to encourage pretend play, improve language skills and work on social skills as well.

Christmas play dough

Pretend play is an important part of learning for small children and that is the main focus of all of my play dough sets. Engaging in pretend play helps kids to express thoughts and emotions that are in their heads that may not come out in regular conversation. When children are playing rough with pretend play, it’s a very good indicator about the things that are going on inside their heads. You can use the opportunity to talk to them without focusing on them directly.

It’s also a great way to give positive reinforcement when your kids are playing with great social skills.

If you want to focus on language skills you can talk about the things in the scenery like the trees, kids, dogs, wagon and more. Expand their vocabulary by using color words. You can also use positional words like behind, in front of, beside. Or count the trees and kids.

Most importantly make it a fun time!

christmas pretend play set for play dough and sensory bins

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  1. Another great way to use your printables is after laminating to put magnetic tape on the back and use them on the fridge or a white board. Magnetic tape can be purchased at Walmart. I will use these on the white board in my classroom. The kids love using magnetic manipulatives.