Spring is a great time to pull out some new activities for the kids. After playing with the same craft supplies all winter, we were due a trip to the craft store to get some new supplies. We saw the supplies for these really simple Easter fine-motor activities and knew that they would be perfect for some Spring-y fun!

easter fine motor activities for kids occupational therapy for easter

Egg-clipping Easter Fine-Motor Activity

To prepare: 

Fill one silicone cupcake liner with the mini clothespins

Fill a second cupcake liner with the egg table scatter

To use:

Have your child place one clothespin on each egg.

Shiloh needed some assistance because she still doesn’t understand how to open clothespins, but she did discover that she could push the eggs into the clothespin without opening them.

This was a great adaptation for her and still worked on her fine-motor skills and coordination in the process.

Egg-scooping Easter Fine-Motor Activity

To prepare:

Fill one cupcake liner with miniature easter eggs. Ours were about 1/2″ tall, so VERY small.

Place the miniature spoon in the cupcake liner with the eggs.

Provide one empty cupcake liner.

For fun, we placed ours into a small basket (also works great at containing stray eggs) and added some of the table scatter for some extra an Easter touch.

To use:

Have your child transfer the eggs one at a time to the empty cupcake liner using only the spoon. (No extra hand!)

As an alternative, you can have your child pick up the eggs using the pincer grasp (forefinger and thumb). This works the fine-motor skills in a different way. Because these eggs are so tiny, it really works the muscles to grasp them properly.

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easter fine motor activities for kids occupational therapy for easter

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