I’m a huge fan of all things multipurpose. If you have never used cookie cutters for a paint stamp, you will be blown away at the easy and super cute art projects you can create. Cookie Cutter Painting Easter Art for Kids is a fun and simple way to repurpose your favorite Easter egg cookie cutters after you are done baking cookies this year!

Easter Art Egg Painting for Preschoolers

Recommended Grade Level:

Easter Art Egg Painting Supplies:

  • Washable Paint
  • Paper Plate
  • White Paper
  • Easter egg shaped cookie cutters
  • Paint brush

Using different colored paint and your Easter egg shaped cookie cutters, you can create an adorable and brightly colored Easter painting for kids.

If you have been looking for Easter art for kids to make, look no further. Kids of all ages will love this fun Easter craft!

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This Easter painting idea for kids is just one of many different ways you can repurpose your cookie cutters when you aren’t using them for baking.

Here are some other simple and super easy ideas for using cookie cutters:

  • Use them to stamp out different shapes when playing with play dough.
  • Create fun salt dough ornaments using your cookie cutters as stamps. If you make Easter egg shaped ornaments, you can make a cute Easter tree!
  • Using cookie cutters for arts and crafts is great for fine motor skills. You can also trace the shape with a marker or crayon to create fun shapes without paint.
  • For a math Easter activity when teaching multiplication or division, use your cookie cutters as groupings to count out a tasty manipulative like jelly beans. (Three cookie cutters full of four jelly beans each can show 3 X 4 = 12 or 12/3=4)


  • washable paint
  • paper plate
  • white paper
  • Easter egg shaped cookie cutters
  • paint brush
Overhead view of the supplies for the cookie cutter painting Easter art for kids.

Instructions for the Easter Cookie Cutter Art Activity:

Pour the paint you would like to use for this project into the middle of your paper plate.

For our project, we used three different colors, but you can use as many or as few colors as you would like.

Overhead view of orange, red and yellow paint being pressed onto a piece of paper by an egg shaped cookie cutter.

Gently press the cookie cutter into the paint, making sure that the bottom edge gets completely covered in paint.

Once your cookie cutter edge is covered in paint, press it onto your paper. Repeat for as many eggs as you would like to create.

Using a paint brush, paint a design on the eggs.

Overhead view of the finished cookie cutter painting Easter art for kids.

Set your eggs aside to dry.

Once the eggs are dry, your child can add more details using glitter, markers, crayons, or any other craft supplies they would like!

Easter pre-k bundle 35+ pre-k math and literacy activities one easy bundle with an arrow pointing at a collage of the easter preschool activities

Other Ideas For This Easter Art Activity For Kids:

  • Another adorable Easter activity for preschoolers is to create a spring picture using other Easter and spring shapes like flowers and birds with your cookie cutters.
  • Stamp as many eggs as there are number of letters in your child’s name on a piece of paper. After the paint dries, help your child write the letters of their name inside the eggs and create a name banner craft for toddlers.
  • After you stamp your eggs and let them dry, create patterns on them using glitter glue, puffy paint, or stickers. This can add some fun texture to your Easter crafts for preschoolers.
  • Create colored patterns with your egg stamps. Practicing patterns with colorful eggs is the perfect Easter themed preschool activity for math.
  • If you have any Easter gifts to wrap, create fun wrapping paper using your stamps and plain white paper.
  • Try more fun process art using unique paint stamps like these orange and lemon fruit prints!

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