50+ Quick & Easy Crafts for Kids

Love arts & crafting, but you’re short on time? No worries! All the crafts and activities on Life Over C’s are made with you in mind!

Any of these posts will show you how to make fun and easy crafts at home with your children. No crazy materials, no 500-step tutorials. Only quick & easy kids crafts and simple DIY crafts for kids that will help you be creative when you don’t have a lot of time!

Odds are you have lots of these materials already in your cabinets: popsicle sticks, pom poms, construction paper and coloring materials like crayons and markers. Craft projects for kids don’t have to be complicated.

We keep most of the materials for these activities on a kid-accessible shelf in our preschool, so that the children can create any craft that comes to their minds or use these as inspiration. Big kids as well as little ones will enjoy these themed crafts from winter activities to holiday crafts.

Spring Crafts for Kids

With the springtime comes warmer weather and a whole new bunch of learning themes to enjoy! From rainbows to butterflies, spring crafts are sure to delight your children. Bright colors, life cycles and flowers make these projects especially fun to make.

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

There are so many fun things you can do with Easter eggs. Even if you don’t have a yearly Easter egg hunt, your kids will still enjoy painting and crafting Easter eggs using different materials.

Whether or not the Easter Bunny comes to your house, these Easter craft ideas are perfect for spring with their bright colors.

Rainbows are perfect for springtime, but I prefer to use pastels for Easter-themed activities! And it gives you the chance to talk about different shades of color.

Summer Crafts for Kids

Do you try to do schooling through the summer? No matter what your educational journey looks like, it’s always a good idea to have some easy crafts on hand to fill up those long summer days. The weather usually warms up so using water in your projects will keep your kids cool and happy.

Christmas Art and Craft Ideas for Kids

These simple crafts for kids to do at home are perfect to do over winter break when kids are just itching for something fun to do indoors. A lot of these would make perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones and friends. A win-win! Christmas crafts are so much fun to do, especially because they serve many purposes from a fun boredom buster to festive décor!

Winter Art & Crafts for Kids

Kids will love the snowman crafts for kids with these easy winter crafts for kids! Put some winter trees into a snow globe, ‘paint’ the snow, or stay warm by the fireplace with a fun stitching activity.

I especially love the penguin craft because it is so easy to extend the learning with habitats and other winter animals! Learning about snowy owls and polar bears would fit in perfectly with this craft!

These crafting projects are great whether you celebrate any winter holidays or not!

Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids

Here are some easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for your preschoolers! This heart shaped penguin is adorable! Get hands on with these activities which include sensory play, sure to interest all learners. Mixing in science with themed activities is always a plus in my book!

New Years Crafts for Kids

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with these adorable and fun crafts for kids perfect for your New Year’s Eve party. (Even if you celebrate at noon instead of midnight. *wink*)

Have fun bringing in the new year with any of these craft projects. Using confetti poppers and party blowers are fun, but I never like to miss a chance to add in some fun holiday-themed learning!

4th of July Crafts for Kids

Combine history learning with crafts to help children understand the meaning of this special holiday for our country.

Create the American flag, explore some Red, White and Blue painting and more with these patriotic crafts for the United States Independence Day.

Fall Crafts for Kids

These fall craft ideas for kids are fun ways to bring the colors of fall into your preschool art projects. Fall themed projects don’t have to include Halloween! Even if you don’t celebrate that particular holiday, your kids can create fall leaves, paper plate wreaths, mess-free paint projects and more with these easy craft ideas for kids.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Check out these fun turkey crafts for kids to make as you prepare for Thanksgiving. Any of these would be perfect table decorations for your Thanksgiving feast! Kids will love making these projects and sharing them with family and loved ones over a special dinner.

Solar System Space Crafts for Kids

These space themed crafts are ‘outta this world’! The beautiful colors come together to remind us of the night sky. They are perfect because you can decide how simple or in depth you’d like to be with the topic.

Younger kids will enjoy learning about stars and the night sky while older kids will be able to extend their learning with planets and other celestial bodies.

More Craft Ideas for Kids

So many more fun craft ideas for your kids to explore! Process art is all about the art experience. Don’t worry about getting a Pinterest-perfect result.

The learning is in using the materials and being creative! There is no wrong way to explore an art activity.

Use these easy crafts for kids in the classroom or at home! They’re the perfect way to help little minds learn while engaging hands too!