Hands-On STEM Activities for Learning

Develop a Love for S.T.E.A.M. with Your Kids

Looking for easy science experiments for kids? Or maybe you want an open-ended STEM challenge for your kids to explore? What about an art project that allows kids to explore textures and materials?

STEM or STEAM, whichever one you want to use, is so essential in our world today! The process of developing an idea, trying it out, experimenting to see what works the best… Easy science experiments inspire kids to learn how the world works! These are our best hands-on STEM activities for learning!

The best hands-on STEM activities for learning!

Discover your inner-creator with these engaging STEAM explorations.

STEAM activities encompass science, technology, engineering, and math, with some process art thrown in, but not in a boring worksheet. Rather STEM learning allows kids to explore, to think, and to create.

These activities help kids develop deep thinking and problem solving skills.

And the best part for the kids?

These STEM Activities are FUN!

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Free STEM printables for preschool:

Have fun counting objects of all sizes with this Quantity STEM Investigation and free printable.

Explore pumpkins this fall with these Pumpkin STEM Printables.

Kids love magnets! Set them free to independently explore what is magnetic with this easy Magnet Investigation.

So what exactly is STEM Education?

STEM is the cross-curricular approach to science, technology, engineering and math. Rather than giving kids a series of math facts worksheets, STEM projects work on these subjects all at once.

Free Printable STEM Challenge Cards:

STEM challenge cards encourage kids to use their creativity to accomplish a given challenge. These  are simple enough for preschoolers (“build a boat”) and others are challenging for older kids (“build a rectangle with a perimeter of 12”).

With many ways to accomplish each STEM challenge, these free printables will keep your kids engaged for a long time!

LEGO STEM Challenge Cards    |     Pattern Block STEM Challenge Cards    |    Building Block STEM Challenge Cards

Chemical Reaction Science Experiments for Kids

Combining play dough and science is so much fun with this Play Dough volcano!

You’ll find everything that you need for Kitchen Science activity in your pantry.

Easy STEM Investigations for Kids:

These STEM projects prove that you don’t need to have a lot of hard-to-find and expensive supplies to learn!

Explore how flowers grow with this Spring Flower STEM Investigation.

Compare healthy lungs to lungs with asthma with this fun Lungs STEM InvestigationAlso great when you are studying body systems.

This Density STEM Investigation is long-lived classic! Make a twist on it by letting your students choose the liquids to explore.

Discover how ocean currents are formed with this simple Ocean Currents investigation. 

What child wouldn’t love a hovercraft? Build a working STEM Paper Plate Hovercraft with this simple STEM learning activity. Paired with one of our favorite books, engineering for kids becomes fun and easy!

Grab some craft sticks or even newspaper to give these STEM Building Challenges a try!

Explore density and rainbows with a candy rainbow science experiment.

Learn about color mixing with this easy Walking Water Rainbow science experiment for kids.

More Easy Science Experiments for Kids:

How does frost form? Learn about it with this easy Frost in a Can winter science project .

Be the cool kid with this crazy fun Glow in the Dark Lava Lamp Science Experiment !

A fun twist on the traditional lava lamp project, this DIY Christmas Lava Lamp  is so much fun in red and green!

Do you remember this fun tin can phone experiment from your childhood? Give it a try with your students today!

All you need is milk, food coloring and a shallow dish for this Magic Milk Science Experiment.

Here’s another fun milk experiment! Use glitter fun a fun twist on this classic activity.

Kids love this exciting balloon experiment! See if you can push a skewer through a balloon without popping the balloon.

Can you break a pencil in half just by putting it in a glass of water? Try it with this Magic Breaking Pencil science experiment.

Need a simple preschool STEM experiment? Try this easy sink or float experiment.

Learn about color mixing with this simple colored ice science activity.

If you haven’t been introduced to the slime obsession yet, you have to try this Galaxy Slime recipe. Perfect for a solar system unit!

Create a cloud in a jar with just a few simple materials from your kitchen.

This tornado in a jar science experiment is a great way to learn about weather.

Inspire a future botanist by germinating seeds in a bag.

Process Art for Kids:

Exploring STEM concepts through art is a great way for kids to learn without even realizing it!

From drawing their own optical illusions to making scientific drawings to painting with gloop (ooblek), kids love creating art masterpieces while also learning how different art mediums work.

The texture of gloop makes for an art experience like no other!